Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tummy bug or Sallmonella

You all know how I have been complaining that the tummy bug has been at my house for just over a month now. Poor Little Man has had the runs every week for 5 to 2 days each week since Jan 9
I figured we have just been passing around the tummy bug, virus of some sort. Everyone in the family has been sick at least twice with this.. I guess it could just be a bug/virus BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on the news today they talked about the recall on the Peter Pan peanut butter, WELL sure enough the peanut butter we have been using for the last month was Peter Pan one of the contaminated ones starting with the code 2111.
I called the doctor right away to let them know about the peanut butter(we have ate almost the whole jar already) and how Little Man has had runs and vomits on and off for a month now.. (Last bout of it was yesterday.)
They are having him come in to the office tomorrow to test and see if it is Salmonella or just a virus.

here is the link to the CDC article on the Peter Pan Peanut butter and salmonella

I'll keep let you know tomorrow what we find out.

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