Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Six(2/18/07)Presidents Day.

Here is what Kelly at Missing J.T. Snow had for us this Sunday.

We are celebrating Presidents Day this weekend in the United States, so let's see how much our kids know about Presidents, Politics & Elections.

1. What is a President?

2. Why is that job important?

3. What is politics?

4. Why kind of people work in politics?

5. How do you become President?

6. Where do you go to vote?

Sweet Pea(5 years old)

1) President of the united States

2)I don't know

3)I still don't know

4)the President

5)I don't know

6)I still don't know then she said "mom I had alot of I don't knows" Then she said mom what are you typing so I I told her i was typing what she said and she said "mom don't type that"

Little Man(21 months old)


2)dog in there

3)Ticks (repeating the last part of the word politics)

4)AL-ah- Ticks(you know sort of like politics LOL)

5)As-Dent(his way of repeating President)

6)"Vote Go" and he took off running to the door as if we were going to go vote right then and there. LOL now he is running though the house saying "vote vote vote"
Mr Man:(7 years old)
1) a guy that rules this country
2) because your taking over the whole country
3)whats the word politics? what did you write? voting for a president is that it.. mom don't write that. why I art ta....
4)any persons
5) people vote and whoever gets the most picks for president that guy wins and gets to be president for the country
6) by the white house.
Princess:(11 years old)
1) someone in charge of the country
2) because with the help of the branches of government he makes law and stuff whatever I'm busy right now go ask sweet pea
3) people who work for the federal government
4)UGHHHHH people in the federal government
5) you run and you get voted into it
6) in your town
If you want to play with your kids, your neighbor kids, or even your dog, feel free to play. If you do play let me know so I can go over and check it out. For more sunday six answers you can also stop by Kelly's blog.. Have a great Sunday.


Kim's Life said...

LOLOLOLOL Ask some adults and Im sure the answers would be the same. This is great.

Nicole said...

Those were great. I always forget to post these. I always post something and then come to yours and see that I should have done this. UGH!!

Cute answers!

Fantastagirl said...

Great answers - You've got some smart little ones!

palmtreefanatic said...

hehe, children have great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure my kids wouldn't know many answers to these. LOL But I may try anyways! Fun! Loved your kids answers. =)