Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Results Are In.

Princess had her EEG and Cat scan last Thursday, Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers while we waited for the results. Well the results are in the cat scan showed she does have a brain. LOL.. No really the CT came back normal. Her EEG which was in question and the one we were most concerned about, while it did show some questionable activities when the flashing lights were one, that activity was still with in normal range. Which means her Seizures are not back.. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!
However this means that the really bad headaches Princess has been getting are migraines. The Doctor prescribed Cypoheptadine. She will take that twice a day for a month then we go back to see the doctor. We will see where we go from there. Once again I thank you for your prayers. I don't have Migraines so I'm not sure what they are like, but my grandma gets them and she tells me they are very painful. When I told her that is what Princess was diagnoses as having my grandma got tears in her eyes because she knows how bad the pain is with them and she didn't want her great granddaughter to have to go thought that. I'm sorry Princess has to have these at all but they are treating her now to try to prevent them, I'm just extremely happy and thankful that we aren't dealing with head pains brought on by her seizures coming back.

While we were at the pediatricians office yesterday we took advantage of them offering medical ear piercings and Princess after years of being too chicken to get her ears pierced found the never to go though with it. So we had her doctor pirced her ears yesterday after we got the EEG and Cat Scan results. LOL sort of like once stop shopping don't-ch-a-know :)
Princess wasn't to thrilled with the pain of getting them done, but she is over the moon with the fact that she can wear earrings now. Here are a few shots of Princess and her new earrings.


Heather said...

Oh Praise the Lord for normal results! Migraines are no fun though! I too suffer from them and they are mighty painful! I had that going on yesterday - thats what kept me from posting my ww :o Hope the medication will do the trick!

dcrmom said...

Thank the Lord the results were normal. Migraines are no fun, but better than seizures.

And the earrings - ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing as "medical" ear piercings! Interesting! They look great! And thank you Lord for the results of her EEG. Answered prayer!

Rona's Home Page said...

What fantastic news! I suffer from the occasional migraine but the pain is still the pits!
I also suffer from severe chronic pain due to disc degenetive disease and arthritis. Ugh!

palmtreefanatic said...

my mom gets those pesty migranes, she FINALLY found the right drug to take at the ONSET! she would spend MOST of her days in bed with them, now she gets them less and less! Praise GOD for the wonderful results yeah!!!

I love this medical ear piercing, it is such a great idea! We tried to see about Jelena getting hers repierced but it is too late, she has so many infections so we don't really mess with them. she is too much a tom boy to care I think anyway(sigh)
so love the post...have a great night!

Fantastagirl said...

Glad for normal results - sorry it's migraines - they are very painful!

Nice earrings... fantastic!

Angie said...

I am so glad the seizures are not back. Sorry that she has migraines but that seems so small compared to seizures, doesn't it.

Love her new bling bling!

Mama C said...

Sorry about the migrains. Ouch!

I have never heard of a doc doing ear piercing. How awesome for Princess! She is officially a young lady now.

Midlife Mom said...

As someone who has suffered with migraines over the years I can sympathize with her. Try a baggie with crushed ice in it and put it right on the place on the head that is throbbing. That really helps me. The earrings look lovely, she's all grown up!