Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WBW(hey I didn't see that before)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
"Ah-ha!!!" could be argued that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer to which I have no rebuttal but I was looking at a picture I've seen a zillion times and noticed something new about it. Hence, the "Ah-ha!", so we're looking for pictures with something that didn't catch your att'n the 1st time around
That is what TKW had for us for this Wednesday. I couldn't think of a single picture and I have gone though my moms photo albums 100's of times so normally when TKW tells us what to look for I have a photo pop into my head and i can go to my moms and get the photo or I can call her tell her what i'm looking for and she can email it to me, but not this week. I figured Oh well i can play next week. Then as i was sorting though the photos i had stored over the last month into my computer(clearing them out cuz my puter is running way to slow these days) I came across this pic and it was the "Ah ha!!!" that The Kept Women was talking about.. I found something in it that I never saw before.

My Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have mentioned my bear just a few weeks back in one of my other WBW post here is the link to that post if you missed it.

Here all these years I thought this was a happy christmas pic of me and my baby sister under the christmas tree. Now after looking at it I don't think it was all that happy for me and I wonder if i was even to be part of this pic LOL. NOW it looks to me as if they had set my sister up under the tree to get a shot of the new baby under the tree only I saw that, THAT BABY had my bear and I was crawling under the tree to get MY bear back. How dear that new kid living at my house get that close to MY bear.
There ya have it what i missed the 1st time(or 1st 100 times) around. :)
Did you play???


Nicole said...

I think I agree with you. That IS what that looks like. I am wondering what the 3 white balls are in fron of your bear. Are they balls? I can't imagine what else they could be.

Kami said...

I can't believe that baby would take your bear like that! GAH!

Lynanne said...

Heheh, you do have the "caught in the act" look on your face there. Hilarious!