Tuesday, January 16, 2007

He's awake now.

Yesterday I took Sweet Pea to see Disney on Ice(that will be a different post later) When it was over we all needed to use the restroom, only the line was really big so we just choices to stop some place on the way home.
We drove a bit towards home so we didn't have to stop someplace in the city. As we were driving Little Man fell asleep, he was about asleep twice before the show ended so he was in need of a good nap. After driving a way we saw this new Wal-Mart super center that just recently opened, we pulled in Sweet pea couldn't wait any longer. I found a parking spot and said to my mother, that I would take Sweet Pea into the store we would use the restroom and come right back out and she could stay with the sleeping boy. At this point Sweet pea says but I want to look at toys. I said no sweetie Little man is asleep. Then my mom jumps in and says. Just go in and out quickly because I need to run in and use the restroom also. I was getting ready to tell her to take Sweet Pea and I would stay in the car with Little Man, when Sweet Pea jumped in and said "I want to go shopping" So I turned to her and said "no honey no shopping today your brother is sleeping" I turned around to tell my mom she could take her into the store, when I hear Sweet Pea leave out a yell. I turn around to tell her to keep it down before she woke up her brother but it was too late his eyes popped open and he was looking around wondering where he was. Sweet Pea sitting there with a big grin on her face said "He's wake, NOW we can go shopping" If I could have stopped LOL I would have punished her :)

I know there are some mothers out there reading this thinking, that is awful, she needs to be punished for such a thing. I'm not one of them, true if this sort of thing went on all the time then yes but since it doesn't and she looked so darn cute as it all went on I just had to sit back shake my head and giggle at how the working of my soon to be 5 year old mind work and how quickly it works, I tell the the girl is sharp she didn't even need 30 secs to come up with her plan to shop. BUT this story doesn't end here its gets better LOL
At the time when it happened we decided we all would go in because honestly we all wanted to shop. As I unbuckled Sweet Pea out of the van I said to her that what she did wasn't nice and she is never to wake up her brother like that again, and then I told her that she was luckily daddy wasn't there because he wouldn't have thought it was as funny as mommy did.

We get home and me still having to giggle about it thought i would share this story with DH. Who being the stricter of the two of us told me I shouldn't let her get away with stuff like that and he looked over at her she was in our dinning room he was in our living room and he said her name in that *you know better* tone mommy told me what you did today, he gives her more of that look she puts her head down and pouts(you know the look of I'm sorry) He went to say more to her but she got up Ran across the room wraps herself around DH's legs says in the sweetest little voice I'm sorry, then looks up at him with cute little sad eyes and says "I love you Daddy" SNORT played him like a fiddle. :) come on tough guy don't let her get away with stuff like that
I just sat back and LOL as she just wrapped her daddy around her little finger, he couldn't help but LOL also he looked at me as I stood there looking at him giving him a look as if he just was played, he smiled and said to me as he was still hugging sweet pea,"don't say a word, I don't want to hear it"

oh i don't think I'm coming close enough at expressing the funniness that this whole thing had about it, OH Sweet Pea think she will be our handful but man she is a cutie and keeps us smiling


Nicole said...

WOW. Pretty good tactics for a 5 year old.

Mama C said...

She is too cute! That's why I still travel with my portable potty. I'm like you. I would not have gotten mad. Funny how daddy's are all talk.