Saturday, January 06, 2007

Defeating the purpose

This week my kids went back to school after there Christmas break. They had Monday off for New Years but come Tuesday morning, it was alarm clocks, rushing getting dress, eating breakfast and dropping off three kids to three different school, You know life as normal.
Wednesday morning rolled around and alarm clock went off I got out of bed and went about my task of waking the kids. This morning something was a bit different, Mr Man got right out of bed with out a fight. OH MAN i knew something wasn't right, Mr Man never JUST gets out of bed. It is normally "already, I don't want to get up already, why do you keep waking me this early, why can't I sleep in, I don't want to go to school, let me go back to bed, why can't you home school me so i don't have to wake up early" you get the idea. This morning he popped right out of bed,and started to walk towards his door. then he looked at me and said "boy all my body hurts" I felt his head and he was on fire. I took his temp and sure enough it was 103.5 um "hey honey guess what you get to go back to bed" and he did he went back to bed and didn't wake up till 12:30pm This was after giving him some Tylenol. When he woke up at 12:30pm he was up to 104, No I didn't freak out Mr Man runs high fevers like this every time he is sick, now if it was any of the other kids with fevers that high we would be rushing right into the doctors, but over the past 7 years and alot of rushed trips to the doctors with super high fever we have just learned that this isn't something to freak out about with Mr Man.
To keep this from turning into a book I'll just jump head. He ran a fever like this all day Tuesday, and all day Wednesday and Thursday morning woke up and was still 102.7 so I called his doctor and got him in that morning.
This whole time I figured it was nothing they could treat. Mr Man wasn't couching, didn't have a stuffy nose, no vomiting or anything at the other end, his throat didn't hurt him his ears didn't hurt him, he was having no pain while peeing. So I figured it was nothing they would give him anything for. But missing 3 days of school this week put him at a total of 12 days of missing school already this school year and there is five more months left so I thought i better get him checked out and get that doctors excuse for him.
The doctor check him over and sure enough it was just a virus nothing they can do for him. I was sent home with the instructions of calling them if his temp reaches 105 or if he still has it come Tuesday.
Two hours after getting home from the doctors his fever broke for the 1st time though this and he was normal. He stayed normal the rest of the day without any Tylenol and he went to sleep normal and he woke up normal this morning.

I was happy this was a weekend I figured he could rest up this weekend and be perfect for school on Monday. ONLY problem was today was the very 1st game of his very 1st year playing basketball and he was excited and was bagging to go and play in his game.. ~sigh~ how could I say no he was so cute and he normally doesn't get this excited about stuff.. So mommy and daddy gave in it's only a 40 min game and then he could get back home and rest up the rest of the day. OK I had my excuse so we let him play basketball and he did great.. :) never felt sick or tired and never got the fever back.

My Grandma was there watching the game and Sweet Pea was going to go home with her after the game to play with grandmas neighbor girl and Grandma asked if Mr Man could go over also. I said I didn't think so that i didn't really want him to even play the basketball game but he talked me into it and i just wanted him to stay at home and rest up since he just was getting better. Grandma wasn't taking no for an answer LOL. she went on and on about how he could rest up at her house just as well as he could at mine and he could lay around with out Little Man bugging him. It was at this point my DH said something to me about needing to go grocery shopping. Now i knew we needed groceries but I had planned on staying home with the kids and DH was going to get them. Grandma used this and it didn't take much to talk me into this. She said, Go with DH and get the groceries you have been stuck in the house with a sick kid all week long you could use the break, Mr Man can come to my house and rest and you can pick him up when your done. Like all good mothers would do I jumped all over that chance LOL.. She is his great grandma after all and she can make sure he gets some rest she knew how sick he has been, so Mr Man and Sweet Pea went with grandma. The rest of us came home got lunch put Little Man down for a nap and when he woke up we got ready to go grocery shopping.

Before we left to get the groceries I needed to run something by Grandmas house and when I got there I was ready to scream at someone.. I pulled in and found Mr Man outside no hat on, coat unzipped, face, ears and hands all red from being out in 40 something degree weather playing with the neighborhood kids. I made him get in the house and told grandma I would take him home and DH could get the groceries, Grandma was like oh I totally forgot I'm so sorry go get your groceries I'll keep him in the house he won't be playing outside anymore. ok fine I left to get the groceries, got them came home put them away and went to pick up the kids.

I get to grandmas house and the 1st thing out of grandmas mouth was Mr Man is sick and has a fever he had no business running around today.. UM HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is what I said to you this morning.. ONLY he didn't have a fever then.. and you told me he could rest(NOT RUN AROUND) at your house.
that isn't want i said, I just pointed out that i didn't want him outside to day I was only letting him play a 40 min basketball game and then planned on making him lay around all day long.

As I was packing the kids up to go grandma said something about her taking them to McDonald's to play and have lunch while i was out grocery shopping. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I looked at her and was like why did you take them to McDonald's? Her answer was "because you said he couldn't play outside" OH ME..~sigh~

So leaving Mr Man at grandmas to rest today totally defeated the purpose. she let him play outside for about an hour and then took him to McDonald's for an hour and now he has a 101.3 fever again. :(

I was so hoping he had today to rest(just hand me the bad mom award)so that we all could make it to church tomorrow and that he could be well enough to go to Awanas tomorrow night, now I'm not sure how he is going to feel or what he will be able to do.

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Mama C said...

OH my!

Should have stuck you your guns. Keep him home resting....that is so silly about taking them to mcd's to eat. What was she thinking?