Sunday, January 21, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(1/22/07)

I'm going to give this another try, but this time I won't feel bad if I don't eat what i plan on the day I plan it. Like Heather point out, its good to know what you have for the week even if I don't use them all.
So here is my plan for the week

Monday: Steak and Potatoes. Hopefully on the grill if I don't think I'll freeze out there in the snow ;) other wise I might just boil the steak and bake the potatoes in the oven(might do that anyways and warm up the house a bit)

Tuesday: angle hair Pasta, with spaghetti sauces and a Salad and some garlic bread.

Wednesday: Hamburgers, tator tots and corn

Thursday: Chili and peanut butter sandwiches(don't know how I ever started eating the tow of those together but I like my PG sandwich with my chili now)

Friday: if I don't order a pizza we will try the smoked sausage again, this time with rice and green beans.

Saturday: I'm having my family and DH's family over for the Girls birthday party(Princess turned 11 on the 18 and Sweet Pea will be 5 on the 29) I'm having them all over for a meal and Sadly I haven't given any thought to what I might be feeding everyone yet. I'll think about that before I go grocery shopping Friday

So what yummy stuff are you planning on eating this week?
Don't forget to check out where you will find the home for the Menu Plan Monday.


Angie said...

chili and peanut butter sandwiches? Am I understanding this right? Interesting! Spill, spill! Don't feel bad if you don't stick to the plan just think those are meals already planned for next week!

Heather said...

Looks good! I think it makes such a difference! I was saying the same thing chili and pb? To each his own I guess;)

Jen said...

I love peanut butter sandwiches and Chili...and a big glass of milk.

KC said...

As far as chili with BP sandwiches. The 1st or 2nd month we were married i made chili and nothing with it just chili and DH asked if I had anything to go with it and I asked him what he would like to go with it, He said how about a BP sandwich. I thought the same thing you did, BP sandwich???? but i made him one and thought I would make myself one also and something about eatting them now when we have chili has just stuck. Other times when i do chili i will make corn muffins but when I dont feel like the corn muffins a BP sandwich works as our side dish LOL. Though my girls don't like peanut butter, come to think about it Princess doesn't like Chili either so I'll just save her some of the hamburger befor throwing it in the Chili and she can have that or whatever leftovers I have from the night before.

Angie said...

I have heard of people putting peanut butter in chili and I saw on foodnetwork where they put chocolate in their chili - I'll have to try the PB sandwich with chili.

KC thanks for sharing your story with us about how it all came to be!

Glass Half Full said...

I love skimming thru these meal plans. Gives me new ideas!!!

FYI: Linked ya back!!! :)