Thursday, January 25, 2007

Disney On Ice

On Monday January 15, 2007 I took Sweet Pea, my mom and Little man to see Disney On Ice(Princess Wishes). It started out with just me and Sweet Pea going as part of her birthday present from me and DH and my mom was going to babysit Little Man for me, but then Sweet Pea wanted grandma to come also so I just bought the extra ticket and held Little Man in my lap. It was a good thing we planned it this way because he got sick a few days before the show and wouldn't have stayed with grandma anyways as he became a little cling-on and wouldn't let me leave his side. Here are a few of the pictures from that day.

This top one is Belle while they were doing the Be Our Guest song.
This bottom one I look awful in, just over look how bad I look and look at the kids LOL. I was up all night the night before this with Little man who kept throwing up all over me. So I look butt ugly(and old UGH) in all the pics of me this day.
Anyways.. here is a picture of Sweet Pea in her new Tinkerbell shirt(also part of her Disney on Ice birthday present), me and the sick Little Man

Here is a shot of Tinkerbell herself. Sweet Pea is a big Tink fan this year and I'm not even sure why she has(up until now) never saw anything with Tinkerbell or have any Tinkerbell stuff, but for her birthday theme this year she is wanting Tinkerbell.

Out of all the Disney Princesses The Little Mermaid has always been Sweet Peas top pick. So here she is with her $10 snowcone in her new favorite cup.

Here is Ariel while they were doing the Under the Sea song.

As part of her Disney on Ice birthday present I also got her a collection of light up Disney Princess pens Here she is showing them off. She got a Tinkerbell one, a Little Mermaid one, Cinderella and Bell.

Sweet Pea had a blast getting to see each and every Princess while we were at the show. Here is a photo of some of them at the Left bottom you can see part of Belle in her yellow gown also in this shot is Jasmin, Cinderella and Sleeping Beautie

The other princesses that were there was Mulan and Snow White(wonder now if I'm forgetting someone, I don't think I am)

Mickey and Minnie mouse was there along with goofy. and each Princess got to tell her story or her wish/dream of finding love and her handsome Prince so they had all the princes
While Sweet Pea was eating her snowcone and her Nachos and cheese I had her take off her new Tinkerbell shirt, I'm glad I did as you can tell from the front of her pink shirt she didn't do well not dropping stuff on herself.

We all had a wonderful time
If you would like to view all the pictures we took while at Disney on Ice you can view them in my album here


momto3blessings said...

That looks like so much fun. I bet my Mary would love to go see that. Sounds like an awesome birthday present. Along with all the goodies thrown in. Sure is hard not to buy that stuff isnt it?

Fantastagirl said...

Looks like a great time!

My Tink would have loved it!

Nicole said...

Look at you and your cute kids. I bet they had a ball. I know my kids would have LOVED it. WONDERFUL memories. I love your hair BTW. It is SO long. I love it.

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW!!! Looks like lots of fun!!!

KC said...

Nicole, I just had to lol about my hair. After seeing your 4th of july pics and the way your hair looked, I have 98% made up my mind to get mine cut like that. I started growing my hair about 2 1/2 years ago but it makes me crazy sometimes and 95% of the time it is up in a pony tail. I guess I'm ready for a change. BUT thank you there is still 2% of me that is holding out on cutting it because it did take some time to grow out

amy said...

That looked like fun and I dont have kids...Have you done the Disney Cruise? Its awesome..Beautifil children as well!. Thanks for posting

KC said...

Thank you Amy.
No we have not done the disney cruise. I haven't even taken the kids to Disney yet. We had it planned a few years ago then DH was in a car accident he was ok but he totalled the car and it was his fault, so the money that was saved for Disney went for a new car(well Van, I gave him my car as his work car and that is when we got a van)
WE are thinking of trying to go to Disney this year though, but it will be with my Oldest softball team if we do get to go, and 1st they will have to win there tournament in June in order to go play at Disney in July. AND then all the parents would have to agree to letting there daughters go and play at Disney. So I'm not holding my breath but there is a chance.

Simple Elegance Photography said...

Looks like fun!!!!