Monday, January 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(1/29/07)

It's Monday again and time to plan those menus. I thought about not doing this, this week. Sometimes I feel that my blog is getting filled with all these little memes and wonder if that makes it boring to read. Oh well this is fun and I like reading other peoples so I'm going to play also. Though I do have another post that was laying on my heart last night. Maybe I'll do that later today or tomorrow.
This week I have two dinners that was on my plan last week that we never did eat(really I think they both have been on the plan for the last 3 week )
Laura plans her meals Monday- Sunday, but I shop on Friday or Saturday and plan up till the next Friday.. so I'm going to start my list this week with Saturdays Meal
Saturday: We had the girls birthday party here and feed all our family sloppy Joe's, green beans, Nachos and cheese and salsa, potato chips. chex mix, cake and Ice cream.
Sunday: for Lunch we got take out, but for dinner had left over from the party.
Monday: Today is Sweet Peas birthday so she got to pick whatever she wanted for dinner so we are eating junk yet again. totinos pizza rolls and cheese sticks Then for dessert cake and Ice cream Oh so healthy this will help me a lot with the shape up challenge
Tuesday: angle hair Pasta, with spaghetti sauces and a Salad and some garlic bread.
Wednesday: Meatloaf, Mash potatoes and gravy, and apple sauces
Thursday: Chicken breast, Mac n cheese and green beans
Friday: Steak, bake potatoes, and corn.
there you have it what I plan to eat for dinner this week. To view other menu plans stop by I'm an organizing junkie and if you played Let Laura know.
I'm sending out a thank you to dcrmom for showing me how to use the Hyperlink, I always wondered how you all made links out of words :)
Update: after reading Laura's menu I'm changing my Wednesday meatloaf to her Marvelous Mini Meatloaves they look yummy easy and more fun for the kids.


Posh Mama said...

Sounds yummy! Please oh please share how to do the hyperlink thingy!! I am clueless!!!

annie said...

Sounds like a tasty week.
Thanks for the comment!

Nicole said...

I hate this post. HA. Joking. It just makes me feel SO unorganized. Ya'll have your meals planned for DAYS and I plan it within the hour of making it. :) AND your food always sounds so yummy!!

Jill said...

Your menu sounds yummy! Have a great Monday!

Barb, sfo said...

Sounds like a great plan for the week.

Midlife Mom said...

What are the mini meatloves? That sounds good. Up here in Maine we would say "we are hankering some of those mini meatloaves."

Midlife Mom said...

What are the mini meatloaves? That sounds really good. Up here in Maine we would say that we are hankering some of those mini meatloaves! ha!

Fantastagirl said...

wow you are one organized lady - I wish I was better at this - I always have a general idea, but don't make a menu - because I never know what the work day will bring.

Heather said...

Hey thanks for calling my blog boring!!! No really, thanks for posting the info about the hyperlink. I couldn't figure it out, so hey I learned something new today:)

Lynanne said...

Please keep up these menus - I love reading them for ideas! I'm such a procrastinator and this has been inspiring me to think ahead.

palmtreefanatic said...

yeah HOW DO YOU MAKE LINKS OUTA THE WORDS? IM NOT SO ADVANCED TO KNOW THIS EITHER BUT WANT TO KNOW!sorry didnt know the caps were on...i really wasnt shouting!:)
I like your meals sounds good! We eat junk alot too, which is why i figure if I make a nice menu I will have to stick with it right? we'll see, so far so good! Your birthday meal sounds just like mine this is our traditional birthday party meal!
thanks for posting and have a great day! OH and your blogs are not boring so you know:)