Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can't have spaghettie without the meatballs

A week ago today I started my shape up challenge. We won't get into how I'm doing so poorly at it, but last Tuesday I was all set and ready to get in shape. Mr Man, my 7 year old said he would be my personal trainer because he knows all about this stuff, after all he's a boy and boys stay fit(LOL Ok whatever son)
So I have myself my own personal trainer, bet your all so jealous of me now.
He started me out with jumping jacks, then push ups and on to sit ups.
and then we had to do it all over again. Little Man my 20 month old thought he would get in the act. He plops himself right on my tummy and I had to finish doing my sit ups with him on me.
For fun when I was done I laid on my back with my knees bent and feet up in the air and Little Man on top of my feet. I started lifting him up in the air and back down, up in the air and back down. Come on now which one of you never used your child as weights. We did about 100 of these and my legs just couldn't take anymore.

I tried to stand up and said "boy my legs are like spaghetti" then my wise personal trainer comments "that's ok mom your belly is like a meatball" LOL LOL LOL

Gotta Love Him..

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Nicole said...

I would fire him!!! Hee Hee.