Monday, January 15, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Laura from I'm an organizing junkie Started this Menu Plan Monday, I found out about it from reading Heather from 10000-things to be happy about blog over the weekend. I always love reading about what people are cooking and making for dinner, (Yeah i know I need a life .) but it gives me different ideas of what to cook up for my crew. New ideas, old ideas that I had forgot about, things I never would have thought about ever. So I'm going to play and see what new meals me and my family might be trying sometime soon.
Monday: Hamburgers, tater tots and Green Beans(fast and easy since I'm going to be gone most all day)
Tuesday: Thanksgiving dinner of sorts because i have a turkey taking up too much space, I'll be cooking the turkey, mashpotatoes, gravy, stuffing and corn.
Wednesday: angle hair pasta and meatballs with a salad and garlic bread
Thursday: Fish, Corn and Macaroni & Cheese
Friday:Smoked Sausage, green beans and a box mix of julienne potatoes that my MIL gave us since she didn't want them in her cabinet anymore :)
Too view others who have posted there menu checkout Laura's site
Happy Monday


Nicole said...

Wow. This is organization to it's fullest. I am not even sure what we are eating tonight. Ha!!

KC said...

LOL.. don't let the food list fool you, i'm the least organized person i know ;) but when we grocery shop we do it in a way of buying 7 dinners to last the week. I just threw together the dinners and gave them a day to play in this meme.. I already messed the order up because tonight we did the fish not the hamburgers. BUT I do think i'll still do the turkey tomorrow :)

Lynanne said...

What a great idea! I'm lucky if I know what we are going to have for supper an hour ahead of time. Sometimes it's more like 5 minutes...

Sounds like a yummy week! What time is supper again? You don't mind an extra person (or 3 or 4?) do you? ;)

KC said...

what about 6pm, we will have plenty of turkey tonight your all invited LOL, be warened though this is my 1st time cooking a whole turkey

Mama C said...

That is to hard for me. I've tried and failed. I tend to cook for dinner what I feel like eating that day. Terrible for planning but great for those impromtu fast food takeouts for the kids.