Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Six(1/28/07)Numbers

This week Kelly the creater of sunday six had this for us

As per the special request of Nik DallasK, we'll be asking about Numbers this week, because numbers are COOL!In case you've never played before, click here to see the rules. Here are the questions for this week:
1. What's the biggest number in the world?
2. What does it mean to add and subtract numbers?
3. What is your lucky number?
4. How do we use numbers?
5. Why are numbers important?
6. What is the number of questions do we ask each week?
Princess(11 years old) didn't get to play(yet) this week after chruch this morning she and DH took off to a pitching clinc and they won't be home till close to time to go back to church tonigh so I didn't want to wait for her. Maybe after church tonight she might like to play then i can do an update to this. who knows.

Mr. Man(7 years old)
1)there isn't one because it can keep going
2)add means get more subtract means get less
4)like in order
5)so you can count
6)ummmmm you call this sunday six so duh six.

Sweet Pea(turning 5 tomorrow)
2)I don't know
5)I don't know

Little Man(20 months old)
1)holds up 1 finger
2)num-er hahaha
(he repeated the word number and the started to lol)
3)LOL runs away from me turns around and says daddy
4)walks up to me clapping his hands and says "clap"
6)runs away from me again LOL
(I guess laughter is much better then dropping to the floor and screaming like he did last time he played)
Happy Sunday


Kami said...

They are so funny!

Fantastagirl said...

Love Mr. Man -duh mom, six... did he do the eye roll as well?

Nicole said...

So cute. I keep meaning to do this and then I have another post that I want to get done. What's a girl to do. It sounds like your 7 year old is VERY bright. I'm not sure my 7 year old would've had such "smart" answers.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

too funny!

i have never heard of this meme - sounds fun! :)

KC said...

Kami- I loved your sons answers as well.

Fantastagirl- I might have, I asked him the questions over the phone sunday afternoon. He went over to grandmas house after church in the morning so I called him up to get his answers.

Nicole- Do both:) I would loved when you did the MLK one.

Janice - I don't remember how I found this one, but It was one of the 1st blogging games I came across when I started blogging back in the summer. I like it because Its a game to play with my kids. PLUS the answers some of the kids give each week are just way to funny.