Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday Six(1/14/07)plus my busy day.

1. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

2. Why was he an important man?
3. What did he want?
4. Why is peace important?
5. What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
6. What are you doing to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday?
This is what Kelly(Sunday six) had for us this week. If you played let me know so i can go read yours.
Little Man(who is 20 months old as of 1/14/07) is too sick to bug with so we won't be asking him any questions this week.
~sigh~ 3 of the 4 kids have been sick what are the odds it will skip the rest of us??
Sweet Pea:(age 4 years 11 1/2 months)
1) the president
2) because he was the president
3) money
4) what is peace?(so we tell her) because it is right
5) I don't know
6) going to Disney on ice.

Mr Man: (7 years old)
1)a black guy
2)because he made the world be fear
3)He had a dream a dream of peace
5) because it is
4)what the heck is that, I don't know
6) Getting out of school

Princess: (who has a birthday on Thursday and will be 11 years old)
1)a man who fought for rights and stuff
2).because he fought for right for people and won
3)equal rights for people
4)because its not fighting, I don't know
5)I don't know, I forgot
6)getting off school.

I think I'm going to go ahead and post this tonight becaus tomorrow is going to be crazy. I don't think I'll be heading to church again(this pains me but what can i do)because Little Man is running a fever and can't keep anything down and has it coming out both ends(lovely I know) After church my mom is coming over to babysit while I take Princess to her basketball game after that either I will stay with Little Man or My Mom will depending on what sort of mood he is in after i leave him for the basketball game. Who ever doesn't stay will take the kids to church that night for Awanas.
Where is you DH you might ask, well he is working tonight and tomorrow night so he will have to sleep sometime tomorrow between work, church and princess basketball and her softball Practaces which he will be taking her to after her basketball game.
My mom is also planning on spending the night sunday night because we have plans on monday which we have to leave early for and I don't feel like driving out of our way to pick her up and she didn't want to wake up any earlier then needed to drive over to my place. So I will have a house guest..(maybe we can jump on the bed, decorate the house and look at shiny light bulbs see if you don't know what i'm talking about LOL)
OHHHHHHHHHHH and can't forget tomorrow starts the new season of *24* Is there any other 24 fans out there just as excited about this as I am????????


Nicole said...

I love this post. I might have to copy you. My kids will probably have wierd answers, but I'm going to try.

Are you kidding? 24 is our FAV!!!!! Me AND my husband WILL be watching. Got to see my Jack!!!

Bluepaintred said...

we played too! great answers! happy 11th birthday!

Kami said...


24 is ALL I AM ABOUT once the DVR stops. Jack is my man.

Lynanne said...

So cute - right of of the mouths of babes!