Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Eve 2006

Now that the holidays are over and 2007 is here I have some time to get our Christmas photos online and post about our Christmas.
Since getting married in 19994 it has been tradition to spend Christmas eve at DH's parents house. It is there tradition to open there gifts on Christmas eve it always has been even when DH was a child so when we got married that worked out nicely for me. We would spend Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas day with mine. Nice and Simple. So that is what we did once again this year

DH oldest brother youngest son J, with Little Man and J's older sister E.

We started our holiday party at the in laws with our traditional Christmas Pizza, LOL yes every year on Christmas eve we have pizza. My MIL pays for it but it is up to DH and I to order, pick up and bring the pizza. This year it was from Pizza Hut since they had the best deal on pizza. I think it went over well, or at least I didn't hear anyone complain this year about where the pizza came from.

As everyone was finishing up there pizza the kids started to play with some of the games grandma keeps at her house for them. These 1st 2 pictures are the younger grandkids playing games while they wanted to opened gifts. in the photo above this you can see at the bottom cousin J(who is 9 years old) the back of little Man's head(19 months old) Then going left to right you have cousin E(10 years old), Sweet Pea(4 years 11 months) Mr man(7 years) and Princess(10 years 11 months)

The younger grand kids weren't the only one playing game, the older Grandsons got in on the game playing action by playing checkers. Here we have on the Right DH older brother's 2 older boys on the left is Cousin D(16 years 10 month) and Cousin C(19 years old) and in the middle is Mr Man watching this game closely either to figure it all out or to make sure no one is cheating LOL.

about 2 hours after the party started we did gifts, here is a shot of Sweet Pea opening her Little Mermaid Aqua doddle and the shot below is Mr Man opening Cotton the talking bird from pirates 2

This one is Princess opening some gifts, in the back ground of this pic is cousin E, and her mom sister inlaw B, and cousin J.

After opening gifts everyone broke into there traditional card games, In the past that was the big family UNO tournament but since the older two grandkid have gotten older they are playing other card games which disappoints the younger grandkids a great deal because they have been waiting like 10 years to be old enough to play in this big UNO tournament but now no one is willing to play with them because they are too busy wanting to do there own thing.. but the kids still had fun even if they were disappointed.
Here is a shot of everyone doing there card games, on the front table is Princess and Cousin E, playing Mr Man and Cousin J at UNO and the back table has the older grandkids and adults playing, I think at this time they were playing UNO also.

This left Little Man and Sweet Pea out of the card playing games, Not that Little Man cared much, but Sweet pea sure did, so Daddy to the rescue.. later on that night I held her in my lap and got her in a UNO game with the other kids so all was well and everyone had a good time.

The Christmas eve party at the in laws was a good time this year, everyone there had a good time, we got home that night around 11:30pm and then had to get everything set out for Santa, plus the kids started watching the Christmas story in the middle of it. At around 12:30am we were outside sprinkling reindeer food out in the yard. Mr Man had a play to trick those silly reindeer's into making noise by his bedroom window so he could peek out and see them. Then after that we came in sat around the tree, read the night before Christmas, and story of the Birth of Jesus from the Bible. and the kids went to bed around 1am and 1:30am.

here is a link to all our photos from Christmas eve if you would like to see more.


The Kept Woman said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we do traditional Christmas Eve Pizza too!!!

Do you kids leave Diet Coke and leftover pizza out for Santa too? I hear he gets sick of cookies and might just be a rumor though.

Nicole said...

I LOVE the Christmas Eve pizza idea. I have never even heard of it. GREAT IDEA.

Loved the pics of the kids and especially the one from Christmas morning.(last post) I've got 4 kids too!! Isn't it a blast???

Mama C said...

I may have to steal the xmas pizza idea. It can be a challenge when the cousins start doing their own thing...I'm glad Sweet Pea had a chance to play too.

Sounds and looks like a wonderful holiday.