Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sunday Six(1/7/07)

Kelly(Sunday six) from Missing J.T. Snow has a guest at her house so our theme this week for sunday six is House Guest. Here are our questions.
1. What is a Guest?
2. Where does a Guest sleep?
3. Have you had a Guest at your home recently? If so, who?
4. Have you ever been a Guest at some one's home? If so, where?
5. How long do you keep a Guest?
6. What things can you do with your Guest when they visit?

Mr Man:
1)somebody that visits
2)in a guest room
3)yeah, yes, all the boys from my whole class
4)yes, grandma, my cousins in TX
5) till they want to go
6)play, eat, watch tv, put together stuff, play with toys, play soccer, play basketball, play football, play baseball, play video games, call people on the phone, ride bikes, act like monkies, look at shinny light bulbs, jump on the bed, act like dinosouses. have a pillow fight, watch a movie, play with action figures, Play with star wars toys, play on computer, watch a DVD, listen to CD, play with the cat, play with my criss cross crash, and the most improtant thing ever, bug my older sister Princess.

Sweet Pea:
2) in bed
3)ummm no
4) yes, Brittney's
5) not long but sometimes all night
6) play, drink pop, eat, color, play with the race car track, decorate the house, jump on the bed, clean up our mess, play with my aqua doddle, play on the swing set,
1)someone who stays at your house or if you go to there house your there house guest
2) in the guest room or in my case makes me get kicked out of my room and i have to sleep on the couch
4)Yes, my aunts house in TX, my grandparents house ect.
5) like a couple days or it just depends on the case
6)it depends who it is. like friends you play with, like adults not much
Little Man:
He was fussing to much when I started doing this weeks sunday six and by the time He had stopped throwing his fit he was asleep and has been since so now answers from the baby this week.


Fantastagirl said...

"just depends on the case"... How true.

Great sunday six - Tink played.

Mama C said...

I love looking at "shiny light bulbs" and "decorating the house". Where can I find those guests?

Too cute.

Bluepaintred said...

wow your kids throw out all the stops when it comes to entertaining, Im gonna have to come down and visit!

KC said...

:) come on over bluepanitred, you can look at shiny light bulbs and jump on beds with Mr Man LOL.. Princess and I still can't stop ROTFL over the shiny light bulb thing. HEY since you live in a different country you will have to stay the night which means we can kick Princess out of her bed and make her sleep on the couch SNORT.. the kids were killing me with there answers this week. :)

KC said...

OOPES didn't for get about you Mama C and Fantastagirl your all invited over we'll have a party :)