Monday, January 08, 2007


Little Man just had a mess in his diaper.
He walked past me stinking bad so I grabbed a diaper and two wipes, normally that is all it takes and I grabbed him laid him on the floor and went to work at cleaning his mess.
I got the diaper off and oh my goodness it was everywhere, I knew two wipes weren't going to clean this mess just as i went to yell for Sweet Pea to get mommy the box of wipes, the quick little baby got his hand in his poo. and before i could grab the wipe to clean his hand it was in his mouth.. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Here i sit about ready to lose my breakfast, trying to wipe his hand and mouth out, he is spitting alot too guess poo isn't his flavor of choices. and holding up his legs, Butt and part of his back to keep the rest of the poo from getting all over the place. I yell for Sweet Pea to get me the box of wipes, she does and comes running into me with them. This whole time I'm saying ewwww, ewwww gross,EWWWWWWWW out loud.

Sweet Pea wants to know what is going on, So I tell her what her baby brother just did. She looks and me and says so calmly. "Don't worry mom he will just poop that poop out again, you know what you eat you end up pooping out a bit later"

must say this was a 1st for me as a mom. ~sigh~

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Heather said...

Oh you so made me LOL!!! Ugh, cannot say that any of my kids have put it in their mouths, they have done other ummm creative things with poo. Ugh EWWW about sums up that post! LOL!!