Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Way Back Wednesday(show us the snow)

"Do you know the street value of this mountain?"...snow...we're looking for pictures of snow...white, crystallized water, frozen...not THAT kind of snow, the stuff that you ski on or shovel...
TKW wants to see our old shots of snow.
What a great week to do snow photos. You see I HAVE SNOW. I wanted snow so bad in Dec but NO we had a green Christmas. Yesterday it snowed, we got our 1st ground cover snow,its pretty but I don't want it now, I wanted it at Christmas. Oh well on to old snow.

This is me in the snow either Dec 1974 or Early 1975 in either case I was 2 years old and "that baby" LOL my sister was already born(November 1974)

me and my dad. I think my parents were having more fun playing in the snow then me because as you see I wasn't old enough to make snow drawling on the side of this house. see the people
In the bottom pic is another one of those snow drawling my parents "made for me" See I was riding on a snow horse that is my mom holding me up.

If you had old pics of snow, let me know. Then i can go and comment on how funny you might have looked all dressed up like the kid in the Christmas Story :) and if you have time make sure to let TKW know you played also.


The Kept Woman said...

I LOVE the picture of you riding the snow horse!!!

Mama C said...

How very adorable! I love that snowsuit.