Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shape Up Challenge

Today I manage to drag my lazy bottom out of bed and get dress feed all the kids dress them get them off to school(like I do everyday) BUT instead of sitting down at the computer or in front of the TV(until my mind wakes up) I braved the chilly air(all of 23 degree as a high today) and went to MOPS.
I enjoy getting out and the fellowship is fun but normally my laziness wins out and its just easier to stay home let Little Man play and enjoy our one on one time we only get 5 hours a week.

Little Man still wouldn't stay in his class room and they came and got me because he was still flipping out and screaming, cant have my baby doing that so I went and got him and he was a happy Little guy again and he sat well and was good so all was well

Today at MOPS we did a kick boxing sort of class OH MY GOODNESS I'm so out of shape. but it felt good to do a little workout. I had to hold Little Man during it so I couldn't do everything they were doing but I did do most with the added weight of my 20 months old in my arms. I know I'm going to be feeling this in the morning though. I'm hoping since I took the 1st step today in getting fit that now I'll be more motivated to keep it up and get in shape.

They are doing a shape up challenge for the next 12 weeks not only to lose weight but also inches. I got on the scale and saw I have gained 5 pounds since Christmas UGH!!!! this is why I don't own a scale LOL. I guess my 1st step goal will be to lose 14 to 15 pound and my long term goal is to lose 20 to 25 pounds. If I can lose 25 pounds I'll be where i was 11 years and 9 months ago when I found out I was PG with Princess.
They took our measurements also.. My hips and thighs are so big, not a pretty site on a 5'1 short lady LOL. my waist is still sort of tiny which just makes my poor hips and butt look bigger. So at least I know what part of my body I need to work the most on.

wish me luck guys and I'll keep ya posted on how I do.
Must go try to clean the house now since I need it company ready by Saturdays for the girls birthday party.


Nicole said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love kick boxing. I never get to go to out MOPS here, but I have heard it is always really good. Just remember sore = doing something good.

Fantastagirl said...

Yeah for you!!!

And it does sound like you had fun - even if you are sore!