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Weekend recap Oct 2-4,09

Friday Oct 2, 2009
I woke way too early Friday morning with a phone call from the schools wanting me to sub at one of the elementary schools.. So I said yes.. Got the kids up alot earlier also because it was Grandparents breakfast day for Mr Man so Sweet Pea was going to tag along to the school also and eat breakfast. After they left I got dressed and dropped Little Man off with my grandpa his Great Grandpa who was going to watch Little Man for me and take him to OT. My Grandparents were also going to pick my kids up from school for me. So off I went to work.. It was a good day at work, even if it was cold and rainy outside.
I got off work at 3:15pm and got home by 3:30pm Just as I was stepping out of the van, DH was stepping into his car to leave for work..OVERTIME!!!!!! We haven't seen overtime in about a year so this was GOOD.... I kissed him said good by and was going to use the bathroom(tmi LOL) and then go pick up my kids. But before I could walk into the house my parents stop by they wanted to take which ever kids wanted to spend the night with them back to there house..
So we got the kids and the boys took off to spend the night with my parents. Princess went to the high school football game and Sweet Pea over to a friends house.. I had the house to myself on Friday night.
By 8pm Sweet Pea was home, by 10pm Princess was calling asking if she could spend the night at a friends house and If I would drive her and said friend to there house.. So Sweet Pea and I went and did that. We got home and Sweet Pea and I laid in bed and read books till she fell asleep. Then I took a shower and DH got home around midnight. and then I went to sleep. That was Friday.

Saturday Oct 3, 2009
Saturday morning DH had to leave early to go to a coaches meeting.. Did I mention he is coaching Princess's travel tournament softball team?? Well he is the assistant coach and the pitching coach.. So he had to go to the organization coaches meeting.. He left before Sweet Pea and I woke up. around 10am I get a phone call from my mother.. my dad and Mr Man took the boat and went fishing.. and Little Man was feeling left out so we thought we would do something with him.. He is a big Toy Story fan, and since it was playing in the theaters in 3D.. I wanted to take him to see it. So mom and I ended up going to the 12pm show of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D.. It was the 1st 3D movie I have been to in a theater(watched some at home with paper glasses SO NOT the same) it was the coolest thing..
We were at the theater for 4 hours for the two movies though.. but it was fun.. Sweet Pea took a friend with her and they enjoyed it also.
ONLY when we got home I could tell Little Man was not feeling well.. 1st he woke up at 8am no biggie that is normal.. but he fell asleep on the way from my moms house to our house at 10:30am and slept till 11pm.. Then on the way home from the movies he fell asleep again. He slept from 4pm to 4:30pm After waking up he wasn't happy because Sweet Pea had stayed at her friends house to play when I dropped the friend off at her house. around 6pm he walked into his bedroom and fell asleep again. I went and picked up Sweet Pea from her play date and then I got a phone call. Dad and MR Man was on there way home from the lake and wanted to know if anyone wanted to go back to grandmas and spend the night.. Sweet Pea wanted to so I packed her stuff and meet my dad over at my grandparents house to drop Sweet Pea off with my dad. ONLY my grandma guilt tripped Sweet Pea by saying.. you are always spending the night there, why don't you stay with me tonight.. So Sweet Pea didn't leave with Mr Man and my dad but spent the night with my grandparents her great grandparents.
While all this was going on.. around 5pm Princess and her friend came over out house to hang out they were here until 7pm when another friend parents picked them up and took them to another High School football game and after party.
Little Man stayed asleep until 11:30pm, But from 7pm till 11:30pm DH and I was basically alone.. ONLY around 8pm I got really sick.. dinner didn't stay down and I just felt awful.. So I spent the rest of the night in bed.
When Little Man woke up DH feed him dinner at 11:30pm and Little Man stayed awake till 1am then went back to sleep. Princess got home around 11pm and went to bed.
Sunday Oct 4, 2009
Woke up still feeling awful.. fever, chills, aches, sore throat, bad cough and stuffy nose. BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Little Man and I stayed home from church. ONLY he started to feel better and just wanted to play where all I wanted to do was SLEEP.. After DH got home with Princess(Mr Man went to my parents after church and Sweet Pea back to my grandma's) I went back to bed and slept pretty much the rest of the day.
Nothing I ate stayed down.. yucky yucky day.
The kids did still go to awana but no PM church for me Sunday night.
when they got back from church DH got them all in bed for me.. while I just stayed in bed and felt awful. That was my Sunday.

I'm still not feeling 100% but I"m doing better then I was on Saturday night and sunday.. sadly nothing stayed down on Monday either.. but the fever seems to be gone and the chills are also. Still feeling achy all over though.
This folks have been my weekend. even with being sick It was a fun weekend..

OH my friend Heather and I got our tickets for the opening of New Moon.. I'm soooooooooooo excited.. :-)

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