Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Recap April 24-26,09

I haven't done a weekend recap in a few weeks, thought it was time to get back into the swing of them again.. So we are taking a little break from my Spring Break 2009 post and we will start back with that on Tuesday where I will share with you what we did Day #6 of spring break(which was a fun day so you will want to come back and visit) But today I will post about our fun unseasonably warm weather weekend.

Friday April 25, 2009
Friday was not an overly exciting day.. DH's car is still in the shop so he has to take my van to work(We are all just thankful he has a job to take my van too) But in doing so that leaves me without wheels and Friday was a crazy work day... All the hours he worked on Friday were over time hours. So on Friday he left the house around 10:something AM and didn't get home till 7:30PM While he was gone I cleaned the house did some laundry and got to lay out and get some sun while I read a book. It is so wild and weird to be able to go outside and just lay down and not have to watch any kids.. so weird...
After DH came home we ran out and did the grocery shopping and then back home where he and Mr Man watched basketball and the girls and I all laid in bed and watched Twilight. Then went to bed.

Saturday April 26, 2009
Mr Man and Sweet Pea and I got up early went and had breakfast at the church where we were also making our Awana Grand Prix cars.. We spent about 2 1/2 hours there and Sweet Pea's car still isn't done... She picked to design her car in a way that was a little more difficult then we thought it would be... But It should do great in the race next Sunday night. Next weekend I'll show you the kids cars.

We got home at noon and I made lunch and fed the family then we went and picked up Mr Man's friend Scott and Princess's friend Della, loaded up the van and headed to the lake for some fun in the sun on the beach.. It was 90 after all...(see unseasonably warm for us)

We left the beach earlier then we had planned but it was extremely windy, which kept nice in comfy in that heat, but it was also blowing sand EVERYWHERE.. I think I had buckets of sand in my ears and nose and even in my teeth.. UGH UGH UGH.. So we left the beach and went to the campground for a quick shower so we could get some of the sand off of us,

The kids played on the playground there for a bit, and then we went to visit the light house.

After the light house we went shopping.. Princess and Della wanted to hit the mall to look at dresses for the spring dance and we needed to hit a sporting good store because Mr Man needed new baseball pants. Then we headed home. We dropped off Della but Scott spent the night with Mr Man.

Once we got home I cooked dinner, Dh cut the grass, we did a little yard work and I did more laundry, got the stuff out for Sweet Pea to paint her derby car.. Got the kids to bed by 11pm and headed to bed myself.

Sunday April 26, 2009
Sunday started with church, after church dropped Scott off at home and then headed to my grandparents for a steak dinner(lunch) then worked with Sweet Pea on awana verses.. When she had Mono she pretty much missed 2 months of awana's.. Last year she ran though her book twice, this year she was really behind from being sick and missing.. but she was determined she was going to finish her book.. BUT tonight was the last night of book work for this year of Awana's.. so she has been working her bottom off.. and tonight she said 15 verses and finished her book and got her 2nd book award for sparks..and since they knew the reason she was not at club was because she had Mono they went ahead and gave her the attendance award also. OH Yea.. UMMMM we went to church and Awana's Sunday evening. It was crazy hat night also.. Next week is there last week of club and they will be doing the Awana's Grand Prix

Well there you have it my weekend.
Here are a few pictures my mom had sent me of Little Man, who if you missed it earlier in the week, Left his mama on on April 22nd and won't come home until May 2nd.. He went with my parents to visit with my sister and her girls in TX.

We had a terrific weekend, Hope you did too. If so let me know about it.. either in my comment section or blog about it and let me know so I can come and read it.. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.. On tuesday I'll get back to finishing up my Spring Break post.. see you then.

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Carol VR said...

It's only beginning to warm up here. This is the first complete weekend that has been nice in FOREVER.

The flowers in the back and front are completely weeded. I've just the side bed and they are all good.

Kristi said...

That's awesome that you made it to the beach. We reached 85 on Friday but the water will be too cold to go into for at least a couple more months. Have a great afternoon.

Courtney said...

We spent our entire weekend outside was also Taylor's first tball game. There are pics on my blog & should be on fb soon

annie said...

Love the pics!