Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break 09 Recap Day #1

Spring Break is over, I just dropped the kids off at school not even ten minutes ago.. and now it is time to share with you all how we spent our spring break.

The kids last day of School before Break was April 9, 2009, so there first day off was Good Friday April 10, 2009..
We really didn't do much that day, it was cold and raining on and off. My parents were thinking of picking up my kids and heading to Canada to the falls with them for a night, but since it was even colder there they passed on that idea.

The Highlight of our 1st day of spring break was coloring Easter Eggs.

Then later that night Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man went and spent the night at my parents house. After they left I took Princess and her friend over to another friends house for a party and bomb fire.. They had fun. We had to get up early on Saturday morning so we all called it a night around 11pm..
That my friends is how we spent the 1st day of Spring Break 2009
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Mama C said...

I love how they all sat and decorated eggs. What is up with all those toys in the last shot?