Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~WW~Spring Break 09 Recap Day #3(Easter part 1)

Easter Sunday was day 3 of this years Spring break. April 12,2009
I took so many good pictures on Easter that I have to split my Easter post up into 3 section.. Today I will share with you the first. Easter morning Easter Baskets.
Since I don't have many words in this post I'll just use this as my WW post also. ;-)

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MomOf4 said...

What fun Easter pictures!! :)

Mama C said...

I love the colored eggs and cute baskets.

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like some good loot from the Easter Bunny there!!!
I love your kiddos easter eggs! they sure know how to color eggs! super job! we just did the food coloring and they dont have as brilliant a color as what you use!
I just love the whole concept of coloring eggs, I think when my kids are gone I will still do them myself;)

where did spring break go? looks like your business is back!

I cannot lend you Bill, LOL! He is only beginning with all we have here, lol! we had a professional come and fix a hole in the wall, took 3 days of patching and now it is all sanded and ready to paint! That where Bill comes in! THEN, he has yard work and we are also redoing a bit of the furnace pipe work as Jelenas room freezes every winter! HOPEFULLY This idea will work!

so lovely when you own a house theres ALWAYS something to do!;)
thabnks for stopping by and happy Wednesday!