Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh Sweet Pea, and the Powerful Sneeze

Oh Sweet Pea, she is just too funny sometimes. I had a story about something she did and said on Thursday that I was going to share with you all today, but then she said something funny again this morning. So I guess I tell you all both of them. Lets start with this mornings story. This morning we were in the bathroom, I had washed her face, brushed her teeth, combed her hair and I was curling the ends under for her, when I said.. "You are so pretty, do you know that" she got a little shy look on her face and shook her head yes. This made me giggle and I said "you do, you know your pretty" she said "Well Yeah, everyone keeps saying that." I said "they do" She then informs me, " yes, well not kids, kids don't say those sort of thing, but all the adults I know tells me that all the time" LOL. The next Sweet Pea story happened Thursday when she was home from school sick. She was wearing this cute little skirt, I put on her that morning.. Later in the afternoon she was walking by and I saw there was a whole in it. I said "Oh No, what happen to your skirt?" she said " It started out as a little hole, but then I sneezed" I tell ya that was one powerful Sneeze, did you see how that sneeze formed the hole in her skirt into a perfect heart shape. ;P LOL, ~sigh~ OH Sweet Pea.


Joshua said...
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annie said...

She is so cute! She sounds like my emelia, who has no doubt about her beauty :o)!

Melanie said...

That certainly was one powerful sneeze!! And I imagine that she does hear all the time how pretty she is- she is beautiful.

Tiff said...

Boy that was some sneeze! She is too cute!

Midlife Mom said...

What an adorable story!! heehee! That was one big honking sneeze!!! I just love the things that they come out with. Priceless!

I just found out you gave me an award!!!!! I am certainly touched and glad that I make you smile! Now I need to get dcrmom to put it on my sidebar! :o) See I'm smiling too! Thank you so much!!!

Love listening to your music, some of my favorite songs, especially Shout to the Lord!

I'm feeling MUCH better, thanks!! Other then the yucky colored bruises I'm in pretty good shape. I can start riding on Wednesday and I'm buying a new HELMET! :o)

Take care! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

shes so cute!!!