Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17(all she wants for christmas)

By now I'm sure most all of you have received the Toys R Us Big Toy book in the mail. If not I'm so sorry you are missing all the fun of watching the kids grab pens and markers and crayons to mark everything they want for Christmas..
My book came in the Mail last week and since then I have been to Toys R Us to pick up 4 more.
You know one for each kid and one for me to keep and look at.
Tonight(Wednesday night) while watching Little Man flipping pages in the Big Toy Book and getting all excited about what he saw, I had the idea to grab the nearest Toys R Us big toy book and make a list of 13 things that was marked as stuff they wanted for Christmas.

The book that was next to me was Sweet Pea's, she has her name written across the front of it. So the List you will see today will be a list of 13 things Sweet Pea marked as stuff she would like for Christmas. All items are click able links in case you wondering, what is that.. :)

1)Etch- A- Sketch

2) Fisher- Price Puppy Grows and knows your name

3) Leapfrog Leapster

4) VTECH Nitro Notebook

5) Crayola Masterworks Art Case

6) Fisher-Price Light sketcher

7) Disney Princess Enchanted tales pop-up story book playset

8) Imaginarium Glitter Suite dollhouse

9) Baby Alive wet's n wiggles with bonus pack

10) Disney Tinker bell Mix Stick

11) Barbie Island Princess sing along styling head

12) High school musical Gabriella and Troy doll

13) Polly Pocket Pollytastic Bus

There ya have it folks.. Happy Thursday to you all.


WorksForMom said...

Wow, now THAT's a list to keep Santa busy for awhile! There's a dog that knows your name? I want one!

sheryl said...

Oh what fun! Our kids always looked forward to the Sears/JC Penney's wishbooks to dream (drool) over and make their lists from.

Nicholas said...

Etch-A-Sketch! That brings back memories!

Natalie said...

I'm so jealous! I want one of those books. What a sweet list of wants. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! We are cutting way back this year so the kids have to think really hard and Adam wants this deluxe ipod! UUUGGH! Though he is considering helping me pay for it because we already got the older 2 kids scooters and now to buy Kedric a cool bike this is going to be a much more cut down christmas! I have this Toys r us book but have yet let anyone see it;) Have fun shopping;)

KC said...

workformom.. Yeah Santa is going to take a look over the list and pick a few of those items and pass the list around to the grandmas also. ;)

Sheryl... I always looked forward to the wishbook also.. then I did what they did and circled everything in it LOL.

Nicholas.. I know I use to play with my etch-a-sketch for hours.

Natali.. I'm pretty sure if you have a Toys-r-us anywhere around you, they will be sending one in the mail.

palmtreefanatic.. Oh don't worry.. I'm not getting everything on her list. Santa is cutting WAY WAY back this year.. Dear ole Santa was sick remember, in the hospital and had surgery meaning he missed 6 weeks of work without pay here lately and since Miss Santa is a SAHM this meant we had NO income for 6 weeks.. The kids will be lucky to get one or two items off the list they marked. and nothing that cost an arm and a leg. Princess wants an crazy expensive fancy dancy plays video and everything Ipod also.. I told her it wasn't happening this christmas and then she offered to help pay for it also.

Stayllo said...

I'm a terrible mom, I threw out our Toys R Us catalog because I didn't want to deal with it now. They have already given us a list so I didn't want to hear anymore.

mks said...

I remember the christmas toy catalog - except back when I was growing up it was the Sears Toy Catalog. Personally the etch-a-sketch and crayola set would be my favorites. No one wants a LightBright or a Spirograph...Those were my favorites.

P.S. I love the music on your site.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Amazing. I don't think any of those toys existed when I was a kid! Boy.... Will she get them all or just some?

Happy TT!

Darla said...

Boy, do I miss those days! Polly Pockets! Now that my kids are older, their wish lists are correspondingly bigger. *sigh*

Sarah said...

That is great that she picked what she wants. We used to do that as kids, and write our name on the toy.

Etch-a-sketch is great!!

wow...I haven't heard this song in awhile, and I love it!! (Take my Life) Mercy me...

Stop over:

Nap Warden said...

OK, they still make Etch a Sketch?!!! Great, I loved that where can I find a lite brite;)