Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Reflection(11/9-11/11 2007)

This was a fun and busy weekend. Friday was my 35 birthday we really didn't have any birthday plans. Friday after school the kids all gave me there little gifts they made such as pictures they made for me or cards they made. Then I dropped the boys off at my grandparents where they would wait for my mom and dad to pick them up because they were spending the night with my parents(my dad was taking them to his barber for haircuts Saturday morning. The boys like doing this with there grandpa)
After dropping the boys off the girls and I came home and got ready to go to Princess's softball practices. This was her 1st indoor Practices with this team.. We sort of figured since it was at a college there would be places for Sweet Pea and I to sit while Princess practices(like there was at the place she did indoor winter practices with her old team) So DH, the girls and I took off around 5:30pm for that.. It only takes 30 minutes to get there but since this was our 1st time going we left early to find the place.. Once we got there we found it wasn't very big and there was no place to sit or even let Sweet Pea play.. so around 6:30pm when Practices got under way Sweet Pea and I took off to a near by Mall and DH stayed with Princess. I LOVE going to the mall with my girls.. both of them are such little shoppers it is just so much fun to have them telling me what is cool and what is no LOL.
After the Mall we got back right on time to pick up DH and Princess. It was 8:30pm and we had not had dinner yet.. we looked at what was right there off the exit we were on but didn't see anything we liked so we drove towards home and ate at Friendly.. YUM.... after dinner and Ice cream we got home around 11pm and everyone just passed out we were all so tired.
As for birthday goodies here is what I got.Here is the skirt close up.. don't you just love this???Then I also got this... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! this is the best thing ever.. My nails have never in my life looked this good.. I would recommend it to everyone.. It is super. I saw it at the mall a while ago and the people there did two of my nails and that is when I fell in love with it.. but didn't want to spend money on myself. But I know it works.. because those two nails stayed shinny for two weeks and nothing I did made them un-shinny.. I just don't think I can tell you all how excited I am over this. :)To Find out more about this you can CLICK HERE.

On Saturday we had another busy day. In the morning Princess had a volleyball game. They lost the 1st match but came back to win the next two. Princess got all but one of her serves in giving her team 20 points off her of serves. After volleyball we went grocery shopping when we got home my parent and the boys were here waiting for us. Then we spent the next 6 hours getting my other birthday present in and all hooked up. My new(to us) refrigerator It's a side by side with ice and water in the door.. and that is what took so long.. we didn't have water going to our old one so we had to run waterlines under the crawl space and into the basement and up though the kitchen floor and then once dad got all that done it was leaking so we had more work along with a few trips to home depot But by 7pm tonight it was all hooked up and working.. we also got the wall there painted and boarder hung. I still have 1/2 the kitchen to take paper off of and get into a project but with Mr Man's birthday party coming up I'm going to not get into that until after his parties.
Sunday was a day of rest well sort of.. We got up and went to church in the morning came home and had chicken and jojo's for lunch(no cooking, see resting) Then I went and took a nap with Little Man slept a good hour which was sooooooooooooooo nice(see more resting) Then I started trying to figure out how I'm going to set up my dinning room for the birthday party. A few months back I turned part of the big dinning room into a little family room with a couch and rocker. This is making things hard for a party. I normally set up the dinning room for parties with my dinning room table in a corner to put all the food on buffet style and then set up a folding table and chairs that seats 8 in the middle of the dinning room for people to eat around.. ONLY NOW I have a couch in there and no place to move things around. If I turn and put the couch up along the front wall I can put my dinning room table along a wall and have room for the folding table.. but that makes the room look sort of small and crowded.
My other option is to move the couch into the living room and place it up ageist my fireplace for the party and still have the big open space for buffet style eating in my dinning room.. BUT this will make the living room look much smaller, but it would give extra seating for people in there to sit around and talk.. I moved thing around and then moved it all back I still don't know what I'm going to do yet
Then there was church/Awanas tonight
They got Sweet Pea all her stuff and gave it to her this week, she was happy. She also said all her verses again this week.
Then we gave a call out to AAA. We decided to get the Van fixed. My dad wanted to look under it before the tow truck guy took it.. So he came over and got under it. Are you ready for this.. IT WASN'T the transmission after all. We some how broke the drive shaft in 1/2. Still going to need repaired and towed but isn't going to cost nearly as much as a transmission would.
So we got it pulled to the garage tonight and they will take a look at it tomorrow..
I might be able to have it back before Mr Man's birthday party with his friends on Friday which would be wonderful seeing how I have to take these boys out to Chuck E Cheese and putting them all in my van will be easier then having to drive two cars.
So all in all this was a great weekend. fun birthday stuff, got the fridge all hooked up and the van isn't as bad as we thought it was..
Hope you all had a great weekend also.


Marz said...

Happy Belated Birthday KC!!!!
sounds like you had a nice weekend & Yes, I very much like the outfit you got.
Woo hooo on the van!!! Glad to hear it's not as bad as you thought, ugh, transmission would've cost sooo much.
I hope you get your dining room figured out for the party.
Sorry I've been a bad blogging buddy :(

MomOf3 said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! Happy birthday!!!!! I love your new skirt - it is so pretty! Glad the van is not as "sick" as previously thought! Have a great week!

Sniz said...

I Love the skirt and blouse! You need to post a pic of you wearing them. Happy birthday!

Fee said...

Happy 35th Birthday KC!!!!
Sorry I missed it! Sounds like you got spoilt!!!! I thought you were younger than that!(not that you're old though!)
Only the best are born in November!teehee .... Me TOOOOOOO!

Melanie said...

How do you do it? You are such a busy lady!! I get tired reading your posts.

At least you did some resting on Sunday.