Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sweet Pea's very 1st report card(plus the older 2)

Ok my loyal readers.. read if you wish but this post might put you all to sleep.
I type it out only for my child to read one day..
yesterday they all came home with there 1st report card of the 20007/2008 school year.

This is Sweet Pea's very 1st report card ever.
She is in Kindergarten this year and they grade as followed.

E = Exceeds expectations
S+ = Satisfactory, shows extra effort
S = Satisfactory
S- = Satisfactory, inconsistent effort
U = Unsatisfactory

Here is what Sweet Pea got.
Work Study Skills
Follows directions
Completes assignments on time
Stays on Task
Finishes work neatly
Works independently
Puts forth effort
Participates in classroom activities
Accepts responsibility for belongings
Is courteous and considerate
Demonstrates self-control-
follows school and classrooms rules

Nine weeks Grade
Identifies shapes
Recognizes numerals---------E
counts orally--------------------E
Extends a pattern.--------------E

Nine Weeks Grade

Demonstrates Phonemic Awareness
Identifies rhyming words--------------------E
Identifies letters of alphabets----------------E
Identifies sounds of letters--------------------S

Applies Reading Strategies
recognizes sight words

Writing Process
nine week grade
prints name correctly

Social Studies

Nine weeks grade
completes projects----------------------------E
demonstrates understanding of concepts-

nine week grade
Actively participates--
Skills/demonstrates understanding of concepts--S+

Phys Ed
Nine week grade-
displays good conduct/sportsmanship-
Actively participates-

Moving on to Mr Man who is a 2nd grader this year.. They grade in the same way as Kindergarten did, except they throw a few A,B, C's grades in there also.

Here is his report card

Nine weeks grades
Applies phonics skills
Recognizes and understand vocabulary
Demonstrates comprehension strategies-S+
Reads fluently with expression


Nine week grade-

Writing composition
nine weeks grade-------------------------E
uses correct capitalization and punctuation-
organizes and expresses ideas in writing--------E
Applies correct grammar and usage------------E
applies spelling skills------------------------S+
Legible manuscript handwriting-

nine week grade
Understands concepts----------S+
Applies computations skills-------E
Applies problem solving strategies---S+
completes homework on time

Social studies-------------E

Health/ Sciences-

Nine week grade-
completes projects -------------E
Demonstrates understanding of concepts--E

nine weeks grade--------------------S+
Actively participates---------------S+
Skill/demonstrates understanding of concepts--S+

Phys Ed
nine week grade-
displays good conduct/sportsmanship
actively participates--

Study skills and conduct

works accurately-
listens to and follows directions---S+
uses self-control------------------S+
General school conduct--------S+
completes work on time--------E
keeps materials and school work organized--E
works well with others. ---------S+

Princess is in the 6th grade this year. She was working towards all A's for the whole year so she is bummed out about her report card.. But I still think she did really well.
Her school grades in the A, B, C's plus point's a 5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3=Average, 2 = poor, 1= conference Needed. Here is how Princess did

Language Arts
nine weeks grade------------------B+
comprehends what is read-------5
Applies reading strategies-------4
uses writing strategies-------------4
homework completion------------5
Class room behavior.--------------5
comment: Great job this quarter. Keep up the good work!

Nine weeks grade----------------------A
Uses problem solving and reasoning strategies---5
Organization skills--------------------5
Applies math concepts--------------5
Classroom behavior------------------5
Comment: Princess is a wonderful math student.

Nine week grade------------------------B+
Comprehends concepts--------------4
Masters investigation and experimentation--4
homework quality and completion--------5
Organization skills-------------------5
Classroom behavior-----------------5
comment: Keep up the good work!

Social Studies
Nine Weeks grade------------------------A
Applies concepts------------------------5
Demonstrates and understanding of citizen responsibilities----5
Compares/contrast various culture------5
Classroom behavior----------------------------5
Comment Doing a great job keep up the hard work.

Nine week grade----------A
keyboarding skills-------5

Choir -------------------A

Princess's ABLE report card is next.
ABLE grades in O=outstanding, G=good, S=Satisfactory and U=unsatisfactory

akes imitative --------------------------O
Works well independently-----------O
Uses time wisely-------------------------O
Completes work neatly and on time-----O
Avoids distracting others--------------------O
Assumes professional attitude about assignments---O
Uses imagination and creativity when dealing with topics--O
Shows self confidence-------------------------O
Takes pride in projects and work---------O
Takes direction well--------------------O
Works well with classmates.

Comment: Princess has done excellent work on the school newspaper in ABLE this period. She is funny and creative and that comes through in her writings , especially lately. Princess's work has been done on time and behavior in class is very good.


Lori_N said...

Great job kids...awesome! What a proud mom you should be :)

Fantastagirl said...

Way to go kids! That is awesome! I hope you are very proud of them!

palmtreefanatic said...

Yeah for them! You are a proud mom as you should be! Great job to them!