Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Man speech evaluation and some other stuff.

This afternoon Little Man had his speech evaluation done. If you remember I talked about his trouble HERE. The results are that in reception and understanding he is at his age level which is now 2 1/2 years old. (turned 2 1/2 yesterday) But his vocal communication is between 18 and 20 months age range.. I knew he wasn't where I thought he should be.. but in the last 6 months he has came a very very long way.. but due to him being almost a year behind where he should be we are going to try to do the speech therapy to get him ahead faster. This way if I put him into preschool in the fall he won't be behind and struggling. After going over his developmental and medical history they tell me they are 99.9% sure that this developmental delay was caused by his traumatic birth and the lack of oxygen he was able to get during that time. If you missed that story you can read it HERE. They were a little surprised he didn't have any other developmental delays other then his speech, Praise the Lord for that. Since he has started talking now and he is coming along with it now, they tell me he will be fine. He will learn to communicate like the rest of us but it will just take him longer to pick up and he would be a year behind his age. So the hope is with the speech he will get caught up to age level quicker and I could put him into preschool then in the fall if all goes well. Now I just need to check with my insurance to see if they will cover this or not.. I'm hoping since the problem was a medical reason why this is happening that it will be covered.. If Not we will just have to figure something out because I really want him to have this help to get to where he should be. He will start the week after Thanksgiving and go once a week until he is up to age level.

Mr Man had a good birthday today.. took treats to school and had a good old time. When he got to school he found this in his mail box from one of the girls in his class.. isn't it cute.. My little boy is getting cute little birthday notes from girls.. and this isn't even the girl who stuck to him like glue at the Halloween party this is a different little girl.. Sniff... he is growing up and the girls are coming around.. Everything for his party seems to be falling into place for tomorrow and for Saturday.. so life is good, EXCEPT its now cold again.. I was really hoping for warm weather for the party.. but hey what can I do..

Well good night all.

before I had a chance to hit publish post, Little Man came out of his bedroom saying "pee potty" So that normally means he needs to well you know go pee in the potty LOL.. so I stuck him on the toilet and he didn't pee.. No he didn't pee but he POOPED!!!!(sorry if this is TMI for you) Yes Yes Yes... this is the 1st time he has told me when he has to poop I'm just a tad excited about this.. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marz said...

Yippeee!!! WTG on the poo in the potty! Only moms would get excited about something like this, lol.

Good stuff about the speech therapy. I agree, if that's the worst that come out of his traumatic birth then he'll be just fine.

Happy birthday to Mr. Man!

Wendy said...

Yay for Little Man! Us moms know what it's like to be excited about potty progress, so congratulations!

I've also dealt with speech delays in some of my children. Don't worry, if he's anything like my second daughter, he'll get caught up so well you'd wish he'd quiet down! LOL

BarnGoddess said...


I am happy your little man is going potty in the potty. I remember how thrilled I was when my Wee One finally became 'housebroke'.

MomOf3 said...

Yippee for Little Man! I am working on potty training the Knight too! He goes potty but will not poop!

Just read your birth story for Little Man - wow! I have heard that gall stones are as painful as childbirth. Horrible that you had both at one time! Yikes!

annie said...

We took Bailey for speech eval at 20 months. He was 8 months delayed. Two weeks later he started speaking in complete sentences. It was so odd.
I deal with a lot of therapists due to Izzy's injury and I love them. I pray that you have a wonderful therapist to work with and that you are blessed by him/her. I know she/he will be blessed by you and little man.

Maddy said...

Obviously, I'm more than sympathetic to the trials of a speech delay, but you're so on the ball and so early at the intervention that I'm confident that catch up is just around the corner.
Best wishes

Stayllo said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Man!!! I'm sure the speech therapy will help get things on track quickly.