Thursday, October 25, 2007

Part 3 Time Travel Tuesday for the week.

You can read part 2 Hereyesterday when I did the part two I got a little long winded.. So today I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I went though the rest of my PG having gallbladder attacks daily, more then daily it was 3 to 10 attacks a day.. some lasting as little as 5 minutes some lasting 2 1/2 hours. I was given a mild pain killer to help with the big long attacks but with being PG it wasn't very good at taking away the pain. I scared my kids more then once laying on the floor crying my eyes out though these attacks. BUT May 2004 got here(felt like it took forever) and on the 13th of May I started contractions at 4pm and by midnight I was at the hospital contractions coming every 2 minutes apart. I didn't have an IV or any pain meds(guess after all the gallbladder attacks the contractions just didn't seem to hurt LOL) When they did get a little painful I used my in room hot tub and shower it was wonderful. I was progressing but slowly. I also had two short gallbladder attacks during labor. To speed this story up.. I thought the baby wasn't head down, everyone kept telling me he was, but with every contractions I felt two hard bumps one on each side of me sort of like a diagonal line going across my tummy. NO ONE listen to me, or if they did They told me it was just a knee or something I was at 8cm and 100% and had a bulging bag of water so at 10am the doctor thought he would break my water and deliver this baby. ONLY when he broke the water, out came Little Man's cord(prolapsed cord) At that point in time I felt the worse pain ever(remember no IV no pain meds) as the doctor took his whole arm and stuck it in me to hold Little Man off his cord and to hold his cord open to keep Little Man and me from dieing. I was rushed into the O.R.(though it was a Saturday in a small town hospital and it took 20 minutes to get everyone they needed to the hospital to do this emergency c-sect. MY OB was none to happy about that and was letting everyone in the hospital know about it. A few weeks later he was no longer at that hospital(for those of you who lives in my town, Little Man was not born in the hospital here in Town) I was knocked out cold(goes back to my lack of IV and how fast they had to move to save the baby and me) and little Man was born. This was the 1st surgery and the 1st hospital stay.. I was talking about.
After Little Man's birth I was healing from a c-section that was killing me.. I was told If a c-sect is planned the healing go faster but I had Laboured with him in hard labor for 18 hours. Also besides this fact the gall bladder attacks started happening more and more and more and more like almost every hour lasting at least an hour.. Not fun at all.. I still couldn't taken heavy duty pain meds because I was nursing.. BUT I did get some stuff that was better then what I was taking, though it wasn't for the gallbladder it was given to me for the c-sect pain.
The 2nd hospital stay came along when Little Man was 10 days old. He woke up with a 104 fever I rushed him to the doctors(and missed the last MOPS meeting of the year which I really wanted to go to, to show off my new little Man) and They rushed my new little baby to the children's Hospital that is just over an hour east of here. That is where we spent the next week with test and spiel tabs and IV's and wires hooked all over my new baby which just broke my heart. Plus sleeping in a chair that pulls out into a bed while healing from a C-sect just 10 days before and having the gall bladder attacks just made for one really BAD time. Not to mention the medication they were giving Little Man was making him sleep pretty much all day long even more so then a newborn would sleep.. which meant he was hardly nursing.. So I was having to go every two hours down to the nurses pumping room and pump. Those hospital grad pumps are a wonderful thing though I must say it was the best pump I have ever used in my life.
They never did find out what was wrong with Little Man or why he was running that fever for most of the week, but after a week on IV antibiotics they let me bring him home. That was the 2nd hospital stay. When Little Man was 3 weeks old shortly after getting out of the hospital, I went to the surgeon to see about getting this gallbladder out the attacks were just getting to be too much. It's like after the baby was born it just had the stones lined up one after the other to pop on into that opening. ONLY I had lost so much blood during the C-sect they didn't think I was able to have another surgery so soon after wards. They said I should be about 10 weeks after the c-sect before they would cut on me anymore. So we set up the time 6 1/2 weeks from then.. That didn't take the pain away but it at least gave me a date to look forward to.

The 2nd surgery came a month after little Man's birth and It wasn't my surgery, It was a surgery for Princess that we had planned 6 months before hand because it would be during summer and Little Man would already had been born.. So I spent a Friday in the hospital with my baby girl from 5:50am to 7:30pm the whole time in the hospital I kept thinking of running over to find there E.R because the gall bladder pain was so bad. DH was with me but so was Little Man who needed his mommy to nurse him just about every 2 hours.. So I grinned and bared it Plus I was too worried about Princess to leave.. Everything turned out well with her and she got to come home that night under some heavy duty pain meds and about a month of healing or more to come for her. ONLY that night about midnight I had an attack that just wouldn't go away.. I took pain killer after pain killer(every 4 hours) when the attack had lasted about 16 hours.. (waited so long because DH was at work and my parent had the middle kids and I was at home alone with a girl who could hardly move from surgery the day before and a new born) It was time to call my mom and dad.. they got here just as DH did They took care of the kids, I called my doctor and DH took me to the hospital. (the same hospital Little man was born in) My doctor had called the hospital and told them to admit me as soon as I got there so when I got there they took DH to my room and me directly down to the Ultrasound room.. where they found I had a stone caught in the common bile duct.

I hate to do this to you all.. but I need to go get one kid out of the tub, get the other one started on there homework and worse of all Little Man just walked by and stinks to high heaven(so much for telling me he has to use the potty..) so I have to go change him and clean him up..
So I guess there will be a part 3 to this story tomorrow..
Good night all.


Stacey said...

Yikes! I'll be back for part three--because now I'm definitely hooked!

annie said...

I wouldn't have understood your pain experience, but I think I had a gallbladder attack for the first time day before yesterday. It hurt so bad I couldn't move or breath for an hour. It was awful! I hope it doesn't happen again!