Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Part 2 of my time travel tuesday from this week.

So many of you commented asking questions about my Time Travel Tuesday from this week.
If you didn't see it you can read it HERE.

Let see if I can't answer some of these questions.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Ouch is right. So did you have any evidence (neck brace/sling) of your accident on your wedding day?

Shannon. No the sling was gone in about 2 weeks, The neck brace I was wearing up until about a week or two before the wedding I don't really remember which it was. I know during my wedding showers I wore the neck brace to the shower and then took it off for the showers because I didn't want pictures of my wedding with a neck brace on.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Ouch!!! Hope everything was ok by the time you got married -- I imagine you wouldn;t want to tuck your bouquet into the sling. :-)

I can't imagine what kind of illness would put you in the hospital that many times and cause that many surgeries. Sounds awful!!!

Barbara I was doing alot better by the time of my wedding.. I was still feeling pain and getting sore after doing too much. but I didn't have to wear anything like the sling or the brace at my wedding. Though after a full day of wedding and reception and dancing at the wedding.. My neck was killing me almost to the point of tears.. I could hardly move by the time the reception was over and I ended up taking pain killers on my wedding night.

I'll answer the illness question at the bottom of this post.

Sniz said...

You expression in that picture says it all. So what happened to the kid for putting you through that and do you have any repercussions from that still to this day?

The kid insurance ended up giving me a lot of money paying for all my medical bill ,my car, and my time off work and the kid lost his licence for I think it was 6 months and he was ticketed and the judge(no I didn't take him to court he had to go because of his age) made him come to me and say he was sorry.
Sharijoy said...

Yeah...ouch is right!! do you still have neck probs from it?? I wouldn't doubt it!!

I do still get pain in my neck every so often that is left over from the accident. Mostly when the weather is changing.. now how crazy and made up does that sound LOL.. but it is the truth.. I can feel a little pain that Tylenol will normal take care of when the weather changes. The vertebra that was moved the farthest out of place and took the longest to get back into place was the 3 one down(starting at the top of my spin) So the pain is at the top of my neck almost in my head.

Now onto the question about the illness.. It wasn't just one thing. It was a combination of alot of things all happening at once.
It all started in February of 2005 I was PG with Little Man and sick as a dog. This was nothing new I have really bad morning sickness every time I'm PG. Though this one night not only could I not stop throwing up.. but I was having extremely bad chest pain.. It just kept getting worse and worse and I never felt pain like that before. I thought I was having a heart attack. I wasn't really worried too much about myself as funny as that sounds. I got PG with Little Man just 3 months after losing Alyssa and I just couldn't stop thinking I was going to lose him too and I was so worried whatever was making me so sick and giving me all this pain was something going wrong with the baby. I woke my DH up wee hours in the morning and told him he had to take me to the hospital NOW!!!
Get there and the E.R. doctors after doing all the test to make sure my heart was ok, tried to tell me it was just gas.. UM NO Gas doesn't hurt that bad.. but.. the oddest thing happened about an hour after being at the hospital. All the Pain just up and went away.. I felt 100% better with no pain at all.. where just an hour before then I thought I was going to die. So after making sure I was fine and making sure everything with the baby was fine, The E.R doctor wanted to send me home saying it was just Gas. But in order to release me he had to call my O.B. and get his opinion on this and make sure there wasn't anything he wanted done.
The E.R. doctor comes back after already having the nurse in there ready to release me, and he had to tell me that my O.B. wanted more testing, that my O.B. didn't think it was Gas and didn't want me to leave without having an ultra sound on my gall bladder. The E.R. doctor was tripping all over himself telling me how he doesn't think gall bladder I'm too young and I wasn't over weight(wish I wasn't now LOL) so it couldn't be gall bladder. To make this long story short.
I had 100's of tiny tiny little stones floating around in there. They said having lots of tiny stones was better then just having a few big ones, because the attacks(what I was having when I went into the hospital) only happened when a stone was blocking the opening. and with little stones they normally don't end up blocking as often or as long. BUT with little ones I run a higher rick of the stone getting pushed though the opening and getting caught in the common bile duct. The E.R doctor sent me home I saw my O.B. the next day who sent me to a surgeon. When I got the wonderful news that I was too far along in the PG to have the surgery to remove my gall bladder. They only way they would remove it is if a stone got caught in the opening and the attack wouldn't go away or in the common bile duct, and if that happened They wouldn't be able to remove the gall bladder with just the 3(or was it 4) little cuts because of the size of my uterus, They would have to do it the old fashion way of slicing me open from one side to the other to remove it, thus putting the baby as risk also.
So this is how the story of my worse illness began.
I will share the rest of this tomorrow as It is taking a while to type out and the kids will be getting out of school soon.
So until tomorrow..

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Thanks for answering some questions about it. I bet that must've been scary with the Gallbladder. I guess I will come back tomorrow to find out if your gallstones got into the Common Bile Duct.