Monday, October 29, 2007

13 year anniversary and some updates.

Like I mentioned before today was our 13 year wedding anniversary. The picture you see above was DH and me on our 1st wedding anniversary Oct 29, 1995 We had saved the top of our wedding cake like one does and we ate it on our 1st anniversary. We thought we would feed it to each other while my mom took a picture.. we both had the same idea.. we did not plan this.. but we both smeared it in the others face.. like we were reading each others minds. You see.. I made him promise NOT to do this on our wedding day.. I spent too much time on my make up to have it messed up with cake.. and there was NO WAY I wanted cake on my dress.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a stick in the mud, I'm all for fun but not when I'm all dressed up LOL
What made me or him for that matter do this I don't know but it was funny.
We don't exchange gifts on our anniversary, we just never did. WE normally go out to dinner to celebrate. We had planned to go out this past Saturday after trick or treating with the kids in our parents town, but DH ended up having to work so we didn't go out. This evening DH surprised me though with flowers and a huge cookie

Other happening from today was pumpkin carving here is Mr Man and Sweet Pea showing off there art.

An update to my Sweet Pea is sad post. I called my sister in law who is one of the Sparks leader and told her what happened last night. So tonight she came over and let Sweet Pea say all her verses to her and signed all her pages so Sweet pea earned her jewel tonight. she is a very happy girl now and has already learned all the verses to get her 2nd jewel next week.. she has a goal and there is just no stopping her LOL

Well good night all
I'm off to bed


Melanie said...

Congrats on your anniversary! My hubby and I didn't smear cake in each others faces on our wedding day either. It's supposed to symbolize your feelings for each other- so we decided that wouldn't be appropriate to show our feelings.

Theresa said...

Happy late anniversary! My husband and I don't exchange gifts either- we like to spend the evening out together.

Liked the cake story, we at ours for our first month anniversary, since I heard comments of how bad it tastes after a year- and I am not one to waste good cake!