Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calling all voters..

OH NO I'm falling behind.. LOL

if you get some time today.. Don't forget to go over and Vote a few times for Little Man. I'm in 2nd place right now but I'm falling way behind..

Click Here to Vote

And Thank you to all of you have got me this far in this photo contest, your the best.


The Stevens Family said...

I voted for you guys, hope that helps!

Shana said...

I voted TWICE...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You must REALLY want that $10 gift card. See, on TC's end she's apart of our August 2007 birthboard. And we have been laughing about you and this contest the whole time. If it was done fairly we'd take a loss as a loss but your picture isn't even cute (not calling your child ugly). The lighting was awful you have a public trashcan in your background and the subject was displaying a non complimentary facial expression. She doesn't care about the gift card. If it was that serious we could all chip in and give her a card. It became a joke to us when you spent basically your whole anniversary night voting (thats sad) and while we all tiddled around and got over you by 1300 votes during the day we had no idea your home life was going to be ignored just so you could come up 1300 votes and then surpass it but 1000 or more. We are all moms of new babies who wake up all times of night. We can catch up and pass you again while you sleep. But if ignoring your children and husband is what you have to do to achieve $10. Then you have at it. This was fun in the beginning, you were a worthy opponent, but now this is getting pathetic. Some of the moms who don't know we're doing this favor for your children might still get on and vote...but don't worry we'll spread the word that we're going to charity you and let you have the gift card.

P.S. I bet you're still voting as I type.

Anonymous said...

It's ok. It's just a silly contest. Both children are cute, and more importantly, both are dearly loved by God. Enjoy your children! May God bless them.

KC said...

Oh Dear Anonymous... It hasn't been me voteing.. when I saw I was down so much I gave up on it.. but see I sent an email out not only to my blogging friends but also to my childrens birthboards and to the kids grandmas( you know grandmas don't like there babies to lose)
I spent my anniversary night with my family, my DH and we had company over. Then tonight I wasn't even home. my DH and I took our kids out trick or treating.. Now my almost 12 year old daughter thought it was funny that we were down so much when we left this evening to go trick or treating and then was with in 100 votes when we got back home that she spent her internet time for the night voteing because I told her if I won the card she could have it. She told me she didn't want it that it had just became like one of her softball games to her and she just wants to win. But please don't feel like you have to charity me.. $10 is so not worth my time to go after it like this.. It had become more of a game to me also.. and I even went earlier this afternoon looking to see if TC had a blog because I was going to comment to her that I think her little girl is very very cute.. but what mother, friend or grandma is going to vote for someones kid other then there own.
No don't worry I wasn't voting as you typed this.. I was putting my kids to bed and then visiting my group of mom that broke off the Nov 1999 birthboard and now has a yahoogroup.. See TC isn't the only one with friends who finds this funny. 8)
enjoy your evening and have a wonderful Halloween tomorrow.

Theresa said...

Good for you KC- I am new to your blog, and by the few post I have read I find you a very sincere person! I proudly voted for your son :)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is TC...Would be in bed right now but I have to pop a boobie in a 3 month olds mouth right now. I was told about the nasty comment that was left on here not too long after the nicer one was made. I was going to reserve commenting my disapproval for tomorrow because I figured you already have enough of my birthboard moms on here tonight. But I feel so compelled to respond now. I don't know who wrote it but I do not support the comment made to you on the behalf of me. That was uncalled for and unsportsmanlike. Yeah I talked competitive trashed but I would never stoop so low as to bring it to you or your board. For that I apologize.

I'm so relived that you are taking this all in stride as and a game and nothing more. I (and many of our other mothers) shared the exact same view point as your daughter. Its not about the prize, its just about winning. The word on our board is that we (you and I) might get dq'd and 3rd place will win because of our excessive voting. But we don't care, it was for fun over all.

Nope, don't blog...should blog 'cause I'm a chatter...but don't because the birthboard consumes my pc time (shhhh...they'd just gag without me...lol). I stopped voting somewhere in the 7 o'clock hour. I had those wonderful ladies, my myspace friends, some personal friends, and my 14yr old step daughter (who was doing some voting tonight too, with her friends) going at it. What can you and I say...our kids our loved!

Your children are as equally as beautiful as my daughter. And the dignity you showed right now put you in the same boat. Well she's done nursing and I'm pooped. So I'm off to bed and will be ready to battle you again tomorrow. Have a Blessed Night

P.S. My hubby and I have a 6yr old Sweet Pea too.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I voted!

Anonymous said...

I am on TC's birth club thing too and I am really sorry that someone wrote that nasty comment to you! That was wrong and someone went way to far! Your kids are cute and you did not deserve that! I hope you have a happy halloween!