Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet Pea is sad

Sweet Pea is in her bedroom crying right now.. She has been crying since we got home from church tonight. I tried to explain to her it is ok and we will have it taken care of next Sunday night but it doesn't matter to her.
You see she worked really hard all week long on learning all her verses to earn her 1st jewel in Awanas. This is her 1st year as a Spark, So this would be her 1st jewel. At the last awana's meeting she finished up the starting gate and this would have been the 1st week for her to work towards her jewels.. and saying a few verses just wasn't enough for her she wanted to say every one in that section to get her jewel. So she worked every day all day from the time she got home from school.. and she knew all of them. She was getting the book and chapters confused because she was saying so many.. but the verses she knew without missing a word..
When working on the verses with her.. I would tell her the book, chapter and verse then say the 1st word of the verse to help her not get them confused. and then she would say the whole verse to me. She was so happy that today she said all 6 verses like that to me, then had to show off for daddy and then grandma and grandpa and just everyone who would listen.. I would tell her the book, chapter and verse and give her the 1st word and she would say all her verses.
she was so excited for Awanas to night because she wanted to say all her verses and get her 1st jewel.
ONLY when it was over she was said and when we got home I asked all the kids if they said everything and she just broke out into tears and ran to her room.. I opened up her book and not a one of the pages were signed.
I jumped to the wrong conclusion.. Thinking Sweet Pea just got shy and wouldn't talk to her leader, she is my shy one and has been known to do that in the past This upset her even more and she tried to tell me she just forgot the verses.. so I had her say all of them to me again, like we normally do where I say the book, chapter and verse and the 1st word.. and she said each and every verse. So I said see you know them you didn't forget them.. so why.. and she stopped me and started crying harder and said.. I don't know them unless you say the 1st words and they won't do that for me. and then she was crying so hard that she couldn't stop..

Now I want to cry.. This is my fault.. it was the way I was teaching her these, and now she is heart broken and really really sad.

UPDATE to this post..
As I was typing this she came out and sat in my lap, hugging me with her head on my shoulder. It was at that point God reminded me, I was missing the point. Yes the jewels and rewards are fun.. but the Point is my sweet baby girl is hiding Gods Word in her heart. and that she has done.
I told her that it didn't matter that she didn't get her book signed tonight.. because mommy is still proud of her for working so hard this week.. and more importantly.. She has made Jesus happy because she has obeyed him and hid His Word in her heart..


Marz said...

Awww.... the update actually brought tears to my eyes.
How sweet of her to come sit on your lap. Glad she's feeling a little better. You really are a wonderful mom.

Fantastagirl said...

Big hugs to your little sweet pea... she worked so hard.... next week she'll get her jewels.

Katie Bjorklund said...


What a blessing. God is so good to teach us in such a loving and gentle way. I am so glad your daughter can learn this important truth about the importance of hiding God's word in our hearts.