Monday, October 15, 2007

Menu Plan Monday and more(10/15/07)

This week I'm clearing out the cabinets and freezer and I will not buy any food for dinners, we will eat what is in the house . So here is Monday - Friday's dinner in no order

1)Salisbury steak (which I planned to cook back in Aug and haven't done it yet), mash potatoes and corn

2) Hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries

3) Chili and peanut butter sandwiches

4) Smoked sausage, Au gratin potatoes and green beans

5) Taco night.

This should take care of the food I have sitting around in my freezer and I'll shop a new on Friday or Saturday

Speaking of Shopping, NO NO not food shopping, the fun kind of shopping. Did I tell you all last Wednesday I went shopping?? Here are some of my awesome finds. These shoes for me were $55 shoes on sale and then a discount I got them for $18
These are the shoes I got for Princess for church and/or dressing up. Got them on sale also(guess this would be a good place to say I got everything on a 40 to 60 % off sale and then had an additional 25% off the cloths and 15% off the shoes. Love getting good deals)
This next outfit was for Sweet Pea, she was in need of some pants.. She got taller but didn't seem to gain any weight with her new growth spurt, so we needed to get her some slims to stay up on her tiny little hips.
I think this next outfit she is going to wear for school pictures.. Yes I know they won't show the jeans.. but she and I just love these flowers so I thought I would show them.
This is the detail in the top. In the picture the shirt looks black, but it is brown. Brown and pink. The pink part has brown poke-a-dots
Here is the whole outfit together.
Well that's it for me this Monday.
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annie said...

I'll be sure to keep Emelia from this post KC, she would love all your shopping finds!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a yummy week! Great shopping finds.

Pam W said...

I love the fun shopping instead of the food shopping. Unfortunately, I need to do the food shopping kind! Looks like you got some great deals. Have a great week!

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

Chili and pb sandwiches--interesting combo, lol! Happy MPM!

LH said...

I came by to visit your menu :-)
Thanks for sharing

By the way, Lovely Family!!!!{{{hugs}}} re Alyssa too!

Sheryl said... got some nice buys!!
Love the slip on favorite walking shoes!
Great looking menu,too. I've done quite a few of those "clear-out the freezer/pantry" weeks over the past couple of months...and I've actually gotten to where I kind of enjoy the challenge ;)

Sharijoy said...

I still got to do my freezer clean out...maybe this week!! I had to laugh at the chili and pb too!! I did a second take on that one!!LOL happy eats!!

Shaunda said...

Great looking menu, My deep freezer is almost cleaned out... need to get to meat market!
SHOPPING is so not my thing. The girls and I went shopping on sunday what a time we had...

Candi said...

Sounds like a yummy week. We are cooking off of what we have, too. All that I had to buy for dinners this week was sour cream.

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great menu plan and shopping!! Have a great week.