Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Throwback Thursday #7

This week I'm throwing it back to Halloweens past.
This 1st photo is of My sister being Dorthy see her with her dog in the basket?? Me in the center.. this was the year I thought I was too old for trick or treat but at the last minute like 30 minutes before hand changed my mind so I dressed up as an old women, and then my brother going as a high school football player. The year was 1984 I was Princess's age here
The next one is our(mine and my sisters) halloween birthday party picture, My sisters birthday is 11/1 and mine 11/9 we did our parties together alot.(we are 2 years apart) This year we did the party on 10/31 and made it a costume party. I'm strawberry shortcake. The year was 1982
This next one was my kindergarten year. I was The Bible.. bet you all never seen a Bible on halloween before. LOL
My mom made my costume out of a big box. I loved it and I think it looks cool, but it wasn't very easy getting on and off the bus I tell ya. The year was 1978
Here I am once again with my sister, LOL this might have been the last year I was taller then her. The year was 1976

here I am with my grandma.. I'm that friendly goast you see there with the plactic pumpkin. The year was 1975 I was a few weeks away from turning 3 years old.
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Girl Gone Wild said... have some serious Halloween pictures! I loved them all!

My Wonderful Men... said...

Love the Halloween pictures thanks for sharing.

Andrea said... those costumes! You had a creative mom! :)

pinks & blues girls said...

What great costumes! My birthday is November 4th, so I had a Halloween themed birthday party one year, too. It was fun! My nephew's birthday is the 9th!

Happy TT!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Wendy said...

For being last minute, you did a good job on that "old woman" costume in the first picture. Happy TT!