Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday (our 1st home)

Here is what Annie had for us
this week we will travel back to our first home... was it your very own apartment, or a home with your new spouse? What memories do you have from that first home? How did you make that first house (or apartment) a home? Come back Tuesday and share!
(All picture in this post are pictures taken with my cell phone of old pictures sorry if they are not the best)

My 1st home was an upstairs apartment above what was at the time my grandpa's realstate offices. The 1st night I spent in this home was my wedding night, the 1st night DH stayed was the night before our wedding. We got the keys for our 1st home the 1st weekend of October 1994 which was also the weekend of my family bridal shower. We moved all our gifts right into the apartment. We spent the next few weekends setting up our home. Then we were Married on October 29, 1994
This was the front of our home(picture taken in Dec 95 or Jan 96 I can't remember which)This was the back of it.
This bottom picture was taken Dec 1994, it is of our 1st homes bathroom. I was taking pictures of our Christmas decorations.
The next few shots were of our living room they were taken in Nov 1994 after I got our wedding pictures back and hung on the walls.

This last shot of the living room was taken in Dec 1995. the picture was taken to show off my new chair that my grandma and mom bought for me as a baby shower gift.Yes.. I said baby shower. Our 1st home was also the home we brought our 1st child home
Here we are bring Princess home from the hospital January 1996
Here is Princess in our bedroom(I was looking everywhere for the real nice pictures of our bedroom, it was a HUGE room I loved it, wish we had that bedroom now, but I couldn't find the pictures)
Here is Princess 1st bedroom in our 1st home.

Our 1st home holds soooooooooo many memory. My 1st time living out side of my parents home, My 1st night spent as a married couple, My 1st time cooking as a wife, and my 1st home to clean and decorate, my 1st place to do laundry while married(though we were in the upstairs part of this super big house and our washer and drier was in the basement)
Then My 1st pregnancy was spent in this house, me and the toilet became best of friends as I was always bending over it.. UGH pregnancy is unkind to me LOL.
The bathroom was HUGE also.. wish I had that bathroom back..
Honestly I loved this house.. in our upstairs we had 3 bedrooms a living room, huge bathroom and then about the same size kitchen as I have now. Grandpa had his offices down stairs but then since it was my grandpa, he let me keep my piano down stairs in one of the rooms that he didn't use for the office. I also had the run of the downstairs after office hours. At the time we didn't have a microwave, but the office did in there really big kitchen so when ever I needed it I just went down stairs and used it.. I also didn't have a computer but had grandpas permission to use his anytime I wanted too.
I remember so many night waiting down stairs in the office,(though if the place would have been a house it would have been this really large living room area) for domino's to deliver my pizza :)
and thinking to myself How much I would love to have this really large old home as my house, not just the upstairs but all of it.. ONLY there was no yard at all so I really didn't want it.. I wanted it but I wanted it someplace there was a yard LOL. PLUS it was sort of on the corner, only a church next to it and there was a traffic light right there so all day and night you heard cars and trucks breaks coming to a quick stop.. But in the winter when the snow was falling it was really cool to look out our bedroom windows which was at the front of the house out at the traffic light and the lights from the salon across the street reflecting off the snow.
Then there is the heart melting memories of bringing my 1st baby home to this place. She learned to roll over, crawl, sit up, and walk at this place. I remember DH at one end of the hallway and Me at the other having her walk back and forth to us.. She also said her 1st words there, had her 1st Easter and Christmas and birthday there. Just so many sweet memories.
We lived there from Oct 29, 1994 until May 1997


annie said...

I see you have the mauve and blue too!
Looks so familiar :o)!
I gave you an award at my place today.

Melanie said...

Looks so nice and obviously holds some great memories!

Anonymous said...

looks great!

Nancy Face said...

I ♥ the pictures of the outside of the house, with the beautiful arched front door and all that snow! I can't even imagine starting out in such a roomy place! Thanks for sharing your great memories! :D

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

It's so neat you have pictures of it! That first home holds lots of sweet memories.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Great pics!

Pregnancy was never kind to me either! Nine months, morning, noon and night!

sheryl said...

I enjoyed the pictures and your trip down memory lane. Your post really made me remember things I didn't think to share in my post: worrying about the baby crying because of shared walls w/neighbors, his first pair of boots clunking on the wood floor, his playpen in the center of the living room with him jabbering up a storm....thanks for jogging more sweet memories for me :)

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my what a great read. Loved the pics!
Thanks for sharing!

sheryl said...

I just gave you an award...stop by and check it out.

Marz said...

Oh how sweet!
i love the pics, thanks for sharing the memories.
I have no pics of our 1st apartment :(

Sonya said...

Nice memories! It seems that you made alot of them in this home. And how special that your grandpa worked right downstairs!

MomOf3 said...

It is fun to look back at where we have been! This looks like a neat house!

Shaunda said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the travel down your memory lane. Thanks for inspiring me to keep my blog going. YOUR a breath of fresh air. I enjoy your blog very MUCH.

Michelle said...

what great memories you have of your first place together as a married couple! Thanks for sharing the pictures to help with go down memory lane :)