Monday, October 01, 2007

Toilet Papering Yes or No.

I was reading over at The Adventures of Fantastagirl This post.
In it she talks about how she can see both sides of her towns homecoming tradition of TP'ing.
I have been thinking about this topic lately myself. Not of it being a tradition at homecoming, I think here in our town it is a tradition for the high school cheerleaders to TP the football players houses after games or so I have heard.
What got me thinking on the subject is, a few weekends ago Princess kept getting prank phone calls. I would answer the phone(the number unavailable ) the kid(from the sound of the voice I think it was a boy or boys) would ask for Princess I would give her the phone, she would say hello and then I would hear her asking.. "who is this, who is this"
then she would hang up all ticked off about them not telling her who it was.
I asked her what they were saying and she said they were saying stuff like "guess who this is" "you can't guess who this is can you?"
about the 3rd time they called( it was a different voice each time so it was more then one boy or shoot at this age I guess it could have been girls with deeper voices) I heard her say "your such a loser" and then hang up.
She said to me "mom you might not want to go to sleep tonight" I asked why and she said "because they said they were going to toilet paper our house tonight"
I just started LOL because it was storming outside so I assured her no one in there right mind would be out tonight trying to TP anyone tonight, it just wouldn't work...

She looked at me like I was crazy and she said "aren't you mad that they might do this" I said "no and I wouldn't be made even if they did manage to TP us" She thought I was crazy.

I guess I have always looked at toilet papering as just part of being young and having fun. I'm not talking property damage or anything stupid like shaving cream, eggs, trash in the yard sort of thing.. Just the good old fashion throwing the toilet paper into the trees and bushes.
When I was young we did a lot of this sort of stuff on weekend, One weekend us girls would go out and TP the boys houses the next the boys would do ours. It was fun doing it and it was fun trying to caught the people doing ours..
One winter while me and my friends were out getting ready to TP this boy I liked house, he and his friends were waiting for us and caught us and we got a good laugh out of it, so instead together we picked another friends house and the whole group of us went out and TPed that's persons house and just had a good old time.

If we were living in those times now and that day and age I would not even be questioning this..
BUT should I let Princess when she is older go out TP'ing?? I'm still leaning towards yes.. it is just a fun prank, but at the same time Is it safe to let them do this sort of stuff now a days?

I would never permit property damage sort of prank but TP'ing is harmless.. Unless some clueless teen tosses the TP into the swimming pool and clogs up the filter, Yes that happened to one of my friends and that almost put an end to my TP'ing days(that and I was getting older and would rather be out on a date then TPing people LOL)

So what is your opinions on the toilet papering issue?? Did you do it as a kid?? or do you still do it as adults 8P ?? When your kids are old enough will you permit them to go out and do it?? Will it upset you if it is done to your house?? Let me know in my comment section or write your own post and leave me a comment so I can come and see what your thoughts are on this matter.


Lori_N said...

TPing is good fun. I used to do it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is harmless, but I'm sure some kids may take it too far. Things are definitely different than they were when we were young.

I would definitely let my boys TP someone's house. I might even beg them to let me help :)

I always thought that being TPed was more of a compliment than anything else.

annie said...

Amanda has done some tping... I think it's harmless... but, the neighborhood kids did it to an elderly woman a few weeks ago and she couldn't physically clean it up herself. In that case I would say it was mean.

Stayllo said...

They just didn't do this where I was from so its a little strange to me. I think its fun though.

Tiff said...

I personally did not ever do it . but somone and I know who they are. . .tp'd my house my senior year. It rained that night. . Guess who got to pick up 10 trash bags full of wet toilet paper???

My brother on the other hand. . got arrested. Only him. . .Only him.

Personally I think it's a harmless prank but people make sure you know the people . .don't just do this to some random person's house. LOL!

Melanie said...

I think it's totally harmless, now I'm not sure if the kids could get into legal trouble for it?? But, I guess I'd let her do it- better to know what she's up to than to have her feel like she has to sneak around.
I think the boys probably have a crush on Princess. That's usually why boys call girls at that age!

Marz said...

I agree, as long as there is no property damage, then it's all in good fun. :-)

Fantastagirl said...

I'm with the if it's a friends house (cheerleaders vs football players) then go for it. Like I said - I did it as a kid...
The dumping of trash is just going to far.

And two of the kids ended up being caught - and were charged with vandalism.

Rachel said...

I'm totally for tp-ing. It's a blast. My niece and nephew (16 and 17) have been known to tp on a few occasions. :)