Monday, October 08, 2007

Teeth mommy Teeth...

This morning I'm in the living room and I hear Little Man yelling, MOMMY MOMMY Teeth Mommy teeth.
Then he come running over to me and grabs my hand and starts to pull me out to the kitchen where he was playing, the whole time saying with amazement in his voice, teeth mommy teeth.
We get out to the kitchen he grabs one of the kittens holds it head down to the floor and starts to pry open the cats mouth till he could see the kittens teeth.
Then he looks up and says.. "see mommy see, teeth, cats teeth" LOLThen he had to grab each and every one of the kittens to check and to show me if that one had teeth also.


Fantastagirl said...

Maybe he'll be a dentist?

Marz said...

awww... that's cute, lol!