Sunday, October 14, 2007

View from your window tag

Last Monday I was tagged by mom of 3 to do the view from your window tag. What window though was my question, We have 17 windows and two doors.. I made up my mind just to open the front door and take a picture. I grabbed my cell phone and turned around(my computer is in the foyer the front door is at my back as I type this. I opened up the door and took this picture. This is the view looking right out my front door. This next picture is from the front looking towards the right(don't ask me what is up with this under lining stuff I don't have a clue blogger must be acting up)And here is from the front stepping off my porch and looking towards the left. Since I was snapping pictures, I figured I would walk to the back door. So here is a few shots looking out my back doorI thought this was a fun meme.. I'm not going to tag just one or two of you, I'm going to tag all of you.. If you are reading my blog, consider yourself tagged..

Leave me a comment and let me know when your view from your window is ready. If you have already done this meme leave me a link so I can go see what I have missed.


Fifi said...

Ahhhh.... I love your big beautiful trees! What a lovely outlook! I see all the Autumn leaves!

Fantastagirl said...

I'll do this in a day or two... Great view.