Sunday, October 07, 2007

Half way though the 1st 9 weeks

WOW, is it just me or does it seem like school just started? Who knows maybe it is just me, since This past week was my 1st real normal week since the kids went back to school. In any case we are 1/2 way though the 1st 9 weeks already which means interim reports came home on Friday.
So what better time to share a little bit of school stuff with you all.

Lets start with Princess.
She is enjoying school a great deal this year. She always does well in school but doesn't always enjoy going. This year in her words "I have the coolest teachers ever" and she does, they are all young and fun and keep the kids entertained while they learn.
Princess was awarded Student of the Month for the month of September and was thrilled to death about that.
Here is what her Interim Report looked like
Language Arts-- B (she isn't too happy with this she is wanting all A's this year)
Social Studies--A
Computer-- A+

Mr Man is also doing well in school this year. He has hit the age though where he finds school and all school stuff boring and would much rather spend his time outside playing with his friends then doing his work. He is 2nd grade at, there school that means they still use a lot of S's and U's sort of grading along with some A,B,C sort of grading.
Here is how his Interim Report looked.
Reading-- B+(the week DH was in the hospital he didn't do well on a reading test but all his
other test have been wonderful)
Social Studies--E

Sweet Pea is doing wonderful in kindergarten. Better then I would have though, I mean I knew she would do well academically but with her being so shy I just wasn't sure how well she would o with talking to the teachers or answering there questions. She is doing really well, for that matter I sort of wonder if the teachers think I was nuts when I told them she is shy LOL.
She had her speech evaluation on Thursday, I haven't heard anything back from that yet. I asked her if she had her speech class and she said "no all we did was play games, it wasn't a class" LOL I hope it always stay that way for her and that she gets her speech improved without her thinking it is work but that it is just all fun and games.
Her Interim Report didn't give grades for any subjects, in kindergarten it is all pretty much pass fail anyways.. or S and U which is satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.
The comment her teacher had on it was " Sweet Pea has adjusted well to kindergarten. Keep up the great work!"

Little Man is just now getting a taste of what it will be like with the kids at school all day long. By now I thought I would have him use to being home alone with just me, and I also thought I would have him potty trained, but with all the drama that has been going on with DH sick, in the hospital and home recovering from the surgery that isn't the case. Sure Little Man got use to the older kids going to school but he has had daddy home entertaining him. Daddy went back to
work this past week and now Little Man doesn't know what to do with himself(as you can tell from this post) when he is not peeing on kittens you can find him doing his favorite thing like he is doing in the pictures below which were taken on Monday Oct 1, 2007


Sniz said...

Great update! Your family is so neat!

Frdgrl27 said...

Hi KC! I got CF's first interim report from kindergarten this week! WOW! He is growing up huh!

Check out my new blog at!

Its still a work in progress!

palmtreefanatic said...

great on your kids grades! they should be tutoring my kids! sigh

Anonymous said...

your kids are great in school

Melanie said...

Adorable pictures!! And it sounds like they are good in school!

la bellina mammina said...

Little Man is soooo cute! ;-)
It's great that all your kids are doing well. Mine are having their end of year exam which will determine if they go to the next class or not in Jan. The school system is different here than in the States. I'm hoping very hard that they'll do well.

Heather said...

Ethan is doing Awesome academically so far. But we are having some major issues with his behavior. I have to have a conference today. Gulp. not sure what I think of his teacher this year. Who did Mr man have in 1st grade? I am starting to regret not requesting the other teacher. She doesn't seem to be doing anything positive to praise the good things he does, she just focuses on the negative and it is getting on my nerves just a bit. Glad to see your kids are doing so well in school!!