Thursday, October 18, 2007

Throwback Thursday

To keep with the Cedar Point theme(that I used in my Thursday 13 post this week click here to view that.) For my Throwback Thursday post I'm going to share mine and DH old Cedar Point season passes from way back in the summer of 1990
Pretty don't you think. LOL I'm killing myself with how awful I look in this picture LOL.
Here are a few more pictures of DH and myself. These are pictures from Christmas of 1989. We started dating April of 1989 and Got married Oct 29, 1994
In these pictures DH was 19 years old(he would turn 20 come Feb 1990) and I had just turned 17 years old the month before these were taken.
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Marz said...

Awww.... look at you guys. You look so cute together :)
Season passes eh? I'm soooo jealous!!!! lol!

dcrmom said...

You look SO much like Princess in those pictures! That's awesome!

Shana said...

These are some great pictures of you and your hubby. I may have asked this once before but do you live close to Cedar Point? I live about 40 miles SE of Toledo. I haven't been to the Point since the mid 90's. It hasn't been the same since they took out the log!!!

Sniz said...

Wow. These pictures are almost EXACTLY like the ones from my hubby and I's dating time!! I love his jeans in the last one and your "mall hair"!

annie said...

Those are so cute!

Mama C said...

Whoa! Love the teased bangs! How 80's...i love it.

Now, you dated someone 2 yrs. older than you and already graduated? Scandalous?

Hubby and I went to HS together but before him, I dated a senior when I was a freshman and thinking back on it....noooooo way would I ever let my daughter do that. She needs to date and not get stuck with on guy in hs. At least that is what I'm hoping for.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Totally awesome photos of the fabulous 80s!

You guys are just too adorable!

Great TT!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Wendy said...

You didn't look awful at all. And I'm sure your DH would totally agree with me. :) Great TT!

Shaunda said...

You guys are just too adorable!
I just love all you pictures.