Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This past weekend part #1

My kids had a long weekend this past weekend. Friday was a teachers in serves day so there was no school.. Once the kids woke up, and my mom came over we loaded up the van and headed out to chuck e cheese. We left my house about 10am and got there around 11am and stayed there until about 2:30pm
Made for a long but fun day for the kids.

Above is Little Man playing some air hockey and below is Mr Man and Sweet Pea running to mom for more tokens
Little Man seemed to enjoy the clock ride also.

While Princess worked hard at winning herself some tickets.

Sweet Pea took her ticket winning seriously also.
here she is pulling out some tickets she won.
I don't remember what the exact # of tickets were that Princess won but it was over 300, Sweet Pea had an even 100. Here is Mr Man holding up the bag full of tickets that he won.This last picture is of him after he feed the feeder his tickets.. As you can see he had 294 of them.
My kids like to save there tickets for a year or more until they have this super high amount of them before turning them in for there prize.. Though I can't say we head to chuck e cheeses very often(it's too far away) but they still seem to enjoy hanging on to there tickets until they can get the big prizes.
This is who we spent the kids Friday off of school..
What we did on Saturday I think I'll post tomorrow as part of my NOT SO Wordless Wednesday post.. So come back to view it then..
Happy Tuesday everyone.


Mama C said...

It's so wonderful when the kids can play the games. I remember when I had to all the work for 30 tickets. Booo! Couldn't get a decent prize. Now, my monkeys compete and they insist on getting the crap. I wish they would save up. CEC is always a fun family day.

Theresa said...

Looks like a very fun weekend! Way to collect & save the tickets- a nice way to teach the kids patience and value!

Anonymous said...

im glad that yall had fun weekend!

Marz said...

Looks like they had tons of fun.
294 tickets!? Wow! good for him!!!
I wish they had that clock ride @ our Chuck E Cheese's. Nate loves to go there too, lol