Friday, October 26, 2007

Part 4 Of my Time Travel Tuesday for this week.

My Time Travel Tuesday post for the week has turned into a 4 day project.. Never planed for that to happen.. OOPES..
You can read Part #1, Part #2 or Part #3 just by clicking on which ever part you want to read.

When I left off yesterday I had just got to the hospital, had an Ultra sound that showed a stone was caught in the common bile duct.
This was about 8 or 9pm on Saturday night. They admitted me and took me to my room where they did blood work after blood work after blood work and tried to get an IV into my arm only took them about 10 times and 4 different nurses..
To speed this story up ALOT.. I was on a clear liquid diet and alot of pain meds(though I was making sure I could still feed the baby my milk with each thing they gave me) It was Saturday night and they weren't going to do a thing for me except do blood work every 2 hours and keep me on IV pain killers.. besides being very sick from the stone blocking the common bile duct and messing up my liver function.. My heart was also breaking.. My month old baby who had just spent time in the children's hospital and who had never taken a bottle a day in his life.. was having to spend the night with his grandma.. He was nursing every two hours how was he going to do.. Thankfully I had been pumping a bottle of milk a day for him knowing that I was going to have to have surgery sometime after he was born. If that wasn't enough to break a new mama's heart.. My oldest who was only 9 years old at the time just had some what major surgery on two parts of her body the day before and was still in real bad pain on pain medication every 4 hours.. and she had to pretty much stay still as to not bump her hears and her whole head was bandaged up and her whole face was all black and blue.. she was sleeping most the time but as the pain medication wore off she would wake up crying her eyes out.. and Now here mommy wasn't even there to take care of her, she had to leave her house and go to her grandma's house. I tell ya I just cried and cried my eyes out Saturday night in that hospital bed.
Then just went down hill from there. Sunday morning my doctor comes in and tells me they will be doing surgery but the earliest they could do it would be on Tuesday for many reasons. One was I was too sick to be put under, my blood work numbers were all bad, My blood count was way too low(due to the C-sect 4 weeks before hand) and all the other numbers were a mess from me being so sick and puking my guts out for months and months and now with the bile being blocked my liver numbers were really bad also.. Another reason was they needed to do another test to see how badly blocked everything was.. and since it was a Sunday the person who did that test wasn't there, they could have called him in but the silly little small town hospital was out of the radiation medication that I had to drink to have the test done. So I spent Sunday, Fathers Day Sunday in the hospital just being sick, and still having the gall bladder attack still on heavy pain meds and just so heartbroken feeling like such an awful mother leaving my newborn who had never been away from me ever and never had a bottle before and leaving my oldest still recovering herself. PLUS it was Fathers Day.. my kids and rest of the family had a nice Fathers day with my parents and grandparents.. and my mom brought the baby over to me in the afternoon and I was able to nurse him a little but I could hardly lift my head. But when it was time to go I didn't want to let go of my baby.. I just wanted to keep him in the hospital bed with me and never let him go.. So I spent Sunday night crying my eyes out again.. OH and did I mention I was also pumping every two hours and having the nurses store it for me so when my mom came by each day she could pick it up so that Little Man would have something to drink every two hours.
Monday morning came and I learned a whole new meaning of sick. I was on day 4 of this gall bladder attack I was getting worse not better and then there was Monday where I got radioactive medication put in me so they could track stuff inside of me.. I was puking neon green for the next 24 hours. Plus I was told I couldn't nurse Little Man that day and I had to pump and dump for the next 24 hours. OH Man I was so sore from pumping ever two hours that the thought of still having to pump but having to dump it put me into tears. But then seeing the funky color milk that was filling into those bottles made me know there was NO WAY I could give that to my baby. BUT what really hurt the most was that My mom didn't bring Little Man to see me that day. The hospital was an hour away and since she had came out the past two days and Monday I couldn't even nurse Little Man or give her milk that I had just pumped.. She didn't want to make the trip. I wasn't upset with my mom, I totally understood where she was coming from.. but it was so heartbreaking to be away from my 4 1/2 week old baby. DH did bring in the other 3 for me to see. He had to take Monday off work because Princess needed to go back to the children's hospital to have some bandages removed and some of the stitches taken out from her surgery she had on Friday. BUT when the kids were there I was so very sick and seeing me puke neon green scared them.. So he left and took them back to grandma's house.
Tuesday morning I had the 1st surgery.. the surgery to remove the stone from the common bile duct(which is something you have to do before removing the gallbladder) ONLY the small town hospital I was at didn't have a doctor who could do that so I had to take a nice little commute to the hospital in the town I live in to have this surgery,(LOL why you may as was I at this small town hospital when there is a hospital in my town.. The answer was all due to my O.B. who was no longer working out of my towns hospital.. since I found out about the gall bladder while PG. We had it planned before Little Man was born that when I had the Gall Bladder taken out that same day while I was still under My OB would tie my tubes so that is why I was at the small town hospital)
Anyways after getting to my towns hospital I was taken to the same day surgery gowned up and wheeled in for surgery.. don't remember alot after that of that day, Except I had to pump and dump for a couple of hours afterwards. BUT my mom had brought Little Man to me Tuesday before the surgery so I was able to hold my baby, get my baby kisses and nurse him before I was put under.
OH did I mention that I was on a clear liquid diet this whole time, my last meal of real food was Friday night at dinner and this was Tuesday night.. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO HUNGRY.

Good news was on Wednesday afternoon they were going to remove my gall bladder.

Wednesday morning my mom came and I got to nurse Little Man and DH was there.. After I nursed him someone(don't remember if it was DH or mom) took Little Man to spend the day with my grandparents mom and DH was both back before the surgery.
BUT more bad news came, I was still way low on blood. So before the surgery I had to have a blood transfusion. they pumped in 2 1/2 big bags of blood.. and it was off to surgery.. both of my doctors came to see me. the surgeon who was doing the gall bladder, plus my OB who was doing my tubes. After that I don't remember anything except waking up a little hearing DH talking to the surgeon that everything went well. Then I remember being up a little more with my OB standing over me and him telling me there was a little bit of a problem during surgery.. That little problem was that they had poked a hole though my uterus. UGH.. but being in my space out state still not really with it, I just looked up and said "Oh well I don't plan on using it anymore" The OB just started cracking up.. I loved my OB.. he delivered each and everyone of my kids and was there along side of me holding my hand and crying his eyes out right along with me when I lost Alyssa.. He is no longer working around here(if at all as far as I know) I miss him.
Normally with tubes and Gallbladder it is same day surgery.. but Not for me.. I was still way to sick to go home.. So I spent the next two days healing and getting healthier in the hospital.

So I spent a week in the hospital away from my babies, all 4. By the time I got back home Little Man had forgot how to latch on to nurse we had one very painful week after that with cracked nipples and a baby who got use to sucking a bottle.. happily he got the hang of it again and my supply never went down at all. Also when I got home Princess had all her bandages off and her stitches removed(my mom and dad took her to do that the day I was being released from the hospital.

The good things were I was back with my family, I wasn't having gall bladder attacks, and with not getting to eat for a week and being sick and puking on top of it.. I had lost all the weight I gained while PG.

So that is the biggest illness I have ever been though..

Don't worry I'm sure Next week's time travel Tuesday post won't take 4 days to type out LOL.

have a great weekend ya'll

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annie said...

Wow, glad it all ended well but it sure sounds awful KC. What kind of surgery did Princess have?