Friday, October 12, 2007

Food Meme

Found this over at Barbara's blog Stray Thoughts

1. How do you like your eggs?

Most often scrambled, but I also like cheese omelets and some time sunny side up.

2. How do you take your coffee/tea?

YUCK.. I don't like coffee

3. Favorite breakfast food?

I don't know I most often eat cereal but butter toast or a cream cheese bagel isn't bad either.

I do love me some blueberry pancakes from the Log Cabin Pancake house while on vacation in TN.

4. Peanut butter - smooth or crunchy?


5. What kind of dressing on your salad?

I like alot of different dressing but most often I use Ranch. or some sort of vinaigrette

6. Coke or Pepsi?


7. You’re feeling lazy, what do you make?

something frozen out of the freezer. put in the oven and serve.

8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?

I like peperoni and mushrooms, DH doesn't like mushrooms, some time we do both pepperoni and sausage, Princess and Mr Man likes cheese only, Sweet Pea likes pepperoni and mushrooms and Little Man like everything except sausage

9. You feel like cooking. What do you make?
Whatever the family said they would like to have

10. Do any foods bring back good memories?

hummmmmmm. Not right off the top of my head.

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories?

I can still eat them.. but Hot dogs.. When I was in my early part of my 1st PG(so early I didn't even know I was PG) I was in Florida with my parents on vacation, we were on our way back home the air had stopped working in my dads car it was over 100 degrees outside, I was having morning sickness all day long. We stopped at a gas station that was selling hot dogs.. Dad bought us all hot dogs.. Heat, Hot Dogs, long long car trip and morning sickness.. UGH.. yeah not a fun memory.

12. Is there a food you refuse to eat?

There are alot of food I refuse to eat. Liver tops the list.

13. What was your favorite food as a child?


14. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like?


15. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate?

goose liver

16. Favorite fruit and vegetable?

Fruit —grapes and strawberries, also bananas and apples
Vegetables — corn or green beans

17. Favorite junk food?

I like all junk food :)

18. Favorite between meal snack?

cheese or yogurt

19. Do you have any weird food habits?

I like to take one bit of cheese along with a bit from a grape.

I like to dip cookies in to koolaid or punch

I think those will count as weird.

20. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?

grapes and apples

21 . You’re off your diet. Now what would you like?


22. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?

Never had Indian or Thai

23. Can I get you a drink?

Sunkist, lemonade or water, a pepsi wouldn't be bad either.

24. Red wine or white?

Neither, thank you.

25. Favorite dessert?

This changes with the day but today a cheese cake wouldn't be bad.

26. The perfect nightcap?

I don’t drink alcohol. A glass of ice water does me well at night.

Feel free to borrow this, too, and let me know if you do.


Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

I can just imagine hot dogs and nausea and a road trip with no AC -- that's a combination for disaster!!

Thanks for playing along!

Melanie said...

Funny how food can trigger such a bad memory!

I have an award for you over at my blog. I posted about 4 different awards at once, so make sure you scroll through to see which one I picked for you.

Melanie said...

Please stop by my blog to learn more about an Activity Menu Challenge that is taking place tomorrow.