Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday.

Here is what Annie are wonderful host of Time Travel Tuesday had for us today "Tell us the most adventurous thing you have ever done! What gave you the courage to do it or try it and how did you feel afterwards?"

We aren't going back to far this week because I can't think of anything adventurous to write about LOL.. I mean there are things that come to mind, but my mom reads this blog LOL.. I mean I don't want her to fall over dead or anything.. you know finding out stuff like her little girl climbing out of hotel room windows on school trips to climb into the boys hotel room to play cards and then sneaking back into our room though the windows again..(had to use the windows they taped our doors) sure climbing out windows and walking on window ledges no big deal, why would your mom die??? What did I forget to mention we were 4 or 5 floors up ;P
So for my mothers health we will just go back to my kids birthdays parties..
I don't know if they count as adventurous or not but you tell me what you think.
Here is where you can read about Mr Man's party from last year.. click here
This year he wants to cut his list down and go to chuck e cheese and then come home and do cake and ice cream and have a sleep over.

Here is Princess birthday last year Click Here
She has always had at least 25 girls at her birthday parties starting from the time she turned 6 so this was nothing new for us.. She mentions every year cutting the number of girls down but when the time comes for the party she always change her mind.. He mentioned cutting it down to maybe 12 this year.. we will see. LOL.

Sweet Peas party seem very mild to me but I'll post a link to hers also Click Here

Well that is it for my time traveling for the day.. If your looking to travel back in time go check out Annie's blog.


annie said...

Loved your adventures!
(I didn't sneak out of the window, but did hide boys in our shower so we could order in pizza on a school trip)... we got totally busted :o)!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Oh poor mom! Tell her not to read today's post for health reasons.

Nancy Face said...

You cracked me up with your hotel window adventures, haha! :D

I would definitely call those parties adventures...you are a brave mom! :)

tonsofsons said...

WOW~ Your brave alright.... I'm sure you won't die when your daughter clinbs out of hotel windows, either. LOL!


Theresa said...

Yes hotel window adventures count! too funny--- but I liked how you spared the feeling of your mom not to post your real adventurous side:)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

LOL! Having a bunch of kids in for a party can indeed be adventurous and require a lot of bravery!

Sharijoy said...

I just did my first BDAY party...and you are right they are adventurous!! and by the sounds of it i have bigger times ahead of me!!