Sunday, March 11, 2007

Getting Caugt Up #1(Princess birthday party)

Since I'm home from church this morning, due to Mr Man being sick. I thought I would use to this time to do something useful.. No it's not cleaning the house, doing the dishes or organizing the kids room(all of which are in need of me LOL) I doing something even more important, I'm getting caught up with my photos and my online photo albums. :) What you all don't agree that is more important then finding my kitchen counter top??

So getting caught up #1
Back on January 18, 2007 my little Princess turned 11 years old. The next day on January 19, 2007 We had her birthday party. I might have mentioned before that Princess is not a shy one and she makes friends(good friends) really easy. She is very out going and is involved in everything.. So she has a lot of friends. So we had to cut her guest list down a bit.. When it was all said and done she Invited 25 of her closest friends. I know that sounds like a huge amount of girls to come to a birthday slumber party but I think we cut the list in half. Really it was just a hand full of girls from each activity she does, you know just her best/closest friends from each thing she is involved in.

We rented the conference rooms of a near by hotel, decorated that afternoon while the kids were in school and started the party after Princess basketball practise.
We started the party off with a pizza party, my goodness could those girls eat pizza. We had 22 girls plus my 4 kids, me, DH and my mom So 29 people total.
I ordered 9 large pizza and we had no leftovers
After pizza we all took a dip in the pool, and spent a few hours swimming and using the hot tub. At one point Princess was sitting on an float and all the girls were around her pushing her across the pool singing happy birthday to her, at the end of the song they all flipped her into the pool.
After swimming all the girls changed out of there swimsuits and got into there PJ's I think this was around 11pm or so and we started the birthday part of the party with Princess opening her gifts.
Once she opened all the gifts said, thank yous and checked out and played with a few of the gifts and then cleaned up that mess, we moved on to cake time
Then the girls hung out and messed around for awhile
then came time to lay down and watch movies and go to sleep. Princess was tired and was getting one of her headaches so she took Tylenol and went to sleep at 2am some of the girls were still up at 4am giggling and talking.
The next morning they were all moving a little slow.
but we were all up and packed up and made the hotel breakfast and most of them had there stuff together when there parents came and picked them up at 10am.

I was able to clean up the room look around to make sure no one forgot anything and checked out and to Mr Man's basketball game just a few minuets late.

The party was fun and everyone had a great time and Princess enjoyed her 11th birthday party. To view all the photos from the party click here.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow!!!! you are so brave! This hotel looks nice would love to know which one it is if you don't mind telling! I am looking for a place to take the kids with a hotel over spring break! I love the photos! that is alot of kids, I am tired thinking about it! I wonder what/if you went to bed at all?! Hmm...good thing you are a night owl! I also loved the cake! you make it?
I hope Mr mans feeling better!

Heather said...

We just went to a b-day party last weekend a swimming/pizza party at a hotel, I never thought of it before. Miss Elena's is in Novemeber, it would be great for hers! We have the yuckies over here too :( Hope he feels better soon. MOPS on Tues!