Friday, March 09, 2007

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm interrupting our normally scheduled blog party/meme week for this Breaking news.

LITTLE MAN POOPED IN THE POTTY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i know this might not mean anything to alot of you.. but I have to say I'm extremely excited about this.

Around 9am this morning Sweet Pea was using the restroom and Little Man just had to be in there with her and he wanted his diaper off to sit on the potty chair with her.. So I took it off for him and he sat down and he peed in the potty right away.. I was excited about that fact as it was. Then we got that all cleaned up and went into the living room where i had planned to put a new diaper on him and get him dressed for the day. ONLY.. my little man wanted no part of getting his diaper on, he kept running away from me and tossing and turning and fighting me while i tried to put it on him.. So i gave up, figured I'll fight that battle a bit later.

I went in to the bathroom got the potty chair brought it out into the middle of the living room(where he was playing) told him "you don't have a diaper on so if you have to pee you pee in your potty" and i showed him where it was sitting.

Ten minutes later I see him sitting on the potty chair and grunting.. Next thing you know he jumps up saying "OOH OH" with a scared look on his face pointing into the potty chair..
Sure enough my baby had pooped in the potty all on his own.. so we cleaned him up dumped the poo, and flushed and waved bye bye.. He still doesn't want any part of his diaper on so he is still running around naked from the waist down.. but in the last hour he has peed in the potty twice and pooed once..

Can you say Happy mommy moment.. It really can't be this easy can it.. I mean he is #4 my girls were this easy but they were already 2 years old by the time they figured this out, he is 21 months old.. and with my older boy he WOULDN'T poo in the potty till he was close to 3, pee trained around 2 1/2 years old but had a fear of #2 or something.

I think as long as he isn't running around peeing on everything in sight i should run with this 1/2 naked potty training thing since it seems to be working. Thing is, it's not very warm here and his little legs might get very cold.. hummmmmm??????

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Midlife Mom said...

YIPPEE, with an emphasis on 'pee'! Hey this is a big deal, what a joy to get rid of those diapers and the expense too. Hopefully he will keep up the good work and your diaper days will be over soon! Good Luck!

Amy H said...

Holy cow, lucky you! You actually can see an end in sight...oh, that will be the day!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoooooooooooooooooooooo! Way to go big guy!

Fantastagirl said...

YEA!!!! That is awesome - If you are worried about his legs getting cold, turn the heat up a little, maybe this 1/2 naked potty training thing will work!

WAY TO GO BIG GUY!! I hope you got a cool sticker!

Kim's Life said...

Clap,Clap. Can you hear me clapping . Thats GREAT.

Heather said...

Now he needs to explain to Natalie what to do. I am hoping before summer we can accomplish this too! I say run with it and keep the momentum going! Good luck!

Carey said...

Way to go! Thats awesome.

Wendy said...

Wow! What a feat! I cannot wait until my youngest is there! IT is always nice getting one out of diapers! Especially with the summer coming!! Good for you all!