Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Tag (possessions)

Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing host a Photo Tag on Monday here is what she had for the tag this week "the theme is Possession. Could be something current or from your childhood. A material thing you treasure."

This one was hard for me to figure out since I normally don't treasure alot of material things. There are a few like my Bible I mean it's the word of God. Then there are my photo albums I would never really want to lose those. Only I can't show you guys those due to my lack of owning a digital camera(now there is a possession I wouldn't mind having)

I do have one Possession I hold dear that I was able to find a photo of it on line

It's a Willow Tree ornament called Angel Embrace

I posted about why this ornament is dear to me back in Dec 20, 06 this post

Let me know if you played in this weeks Photo tag and I'll come check it out.. and don't forget to stop over and and sign the Mister Linky's at Stephs blog.


Glass Half Full said...

So precious!

Jennifer said...

Wow - that is beautiful - I see why you love it. I posted mine too - really got me thinking!

Jennifer said...

That is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Sheryl said...

I really like the Willow Tree figures. I have a few myself. They all carry special meaning. I posted my possessions too, come check it out!

Fee said...

Yes, that is beautiful..... simple yet very effective!
thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I am going to add you to my friends list. I will visit soon! I was looking at your daughters birthday party pictures..... you were brave! teehee! They looked like they had tremendous fun!

Kim's Life said...

That is beautiful.

dcrmom said...

Oh, I love that!