Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Princess and the doctor appointment.

Yesterday Princess had her follow up appointment for her migraines.

If you have missed me posting about this in the past you can get caught up by reading THIS POST, it was the 1st time I mentioned this on my blog and explains how long this has been going on and stuff.
Then on February 15 of this year Princess had her EEG and Cat scan and you can read about that in This post. We got the results of those test and Princess was diagnosed as having migraines and you can read about that Here
That was just over a month ago. At that appointment her doctor started her on Cyproheptadine. This is not a medicine that you take at the onset of a migraine, they don't have a medicine like that out for children yet. So in children they treat them with stuff to try to prevent the migraine in the 1st place. From what i read there are two different ways they do this, on is with the stuff she is on now and if that doesn't work then they more on to an anti depressant. Thankfully the stuff she is on seems to be doing the trick. Since starting it just over a month ago she has only had one migraine and that happened on a day that we forgot to give her a pill the night before.
We did run into some problems with the medication though.. It makes Princess a zombie, it just makes her so tired that she can hardly keep her eyes open and can't function. The doctor had her taking one pill twice a day 8am and 8pm and this was messing with Princess and her school work and pretty much her whole day. She wasn't herself, she was sort of in a world of her own and out of it because she was so tired. So the last two week we cut out that morning pill and just started giving her one pill at night before bed and she is back to her happy on the go, cheerful(for the most part) self again and she still wasn't getting the migraines.
At the doctors yesterday we told him about our problem with this and what we had done to correct the problem. He didn't seem to like it much that we did this without calling him 1st(honestly I have been seeing this man from the day Princess was born I knew what he was going to say)but then he smiled and said "Well if you would have called me to ask, that is exactly what i would have told you to do" (SNORT see I told you I knew what he would say LOL)
So he changed her prescription to read one pill once a day at bedtime.. and as long as she doesn't have any migraines we can keep it at that. We go back to see him in 2 months.
So as of now all is well and good.


annie said...

I think us moms should get some kind of honorary PhD or something, we know how to treat our children, it is like it was programmed into our makeup or something.
Sounds like you are taking very good care of your little patient ♥

la bellina mammina said...

Hope Princess feels better in time!

Midlife Mom said...

Thanks for the update. Yes, migraines are terribly painful. I don't have the vomiting either usually but the pain is sure bad and it can go on for days. One time I went over two weeks with one. They are well under control now and I am down to maybe a couple a month which is much better then almost every day. I'm glad the med is working for her and what a treat to get your ears pierced while there! Keep us posted on her progress.

sari said...

I'm glad she's feeling better.

I think that doctor's tend to prescribe WAY too much medication - especially for children.

Glad you listened to your instincts, it sounds like you were right on!