Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday six

Here is what Kelly had for us today for this weeks sunday six

Well, St. Patrick's Day is coming soon, and its tricky since it will be next Saturday. I wasn't sure if we should do it this week or next... or maybe both. Then I thought if we do it this week, it will help get the kids excited! Here are your questions - click on the link in my side bar to learn the rules.

1. What is a Shamrock?
2. What is a Leprechaun?
3. Why does St. Patrick like the color green?
4. Who is St. Patrick?
5. What happens if you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day?
6. How will you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Mr Man: 7 yrs old
1)OH I know what a shamrock is i just forgot the name, wait don't right that down mom don't write that down, OH I remember now it's a clover.
2) some fake thing, no wait don't write that mom mom delete all that stuff I have a better idea to say. A Leprechaun is a fail tail story which people wants it to be real but it's not, It's just a fake fail tail ... ok that's all
3)Money. because green is the color of money
4) some fake fail tail guy
5) you won't have good luck
6) wearing green, dancing like a funny leprechaun, doing fun leprechaun stuff.

Little Man: 21 months old
1) am rock
2) This (and points at the tv) then says "guy"
3) Grass(wow, 1st I didn't know he knew how to say grass and I'm still in shock he puts grass in combo with the word Green)
4)Thomas(and he points at the Thomas the tank which is playing on my tv right now)
5)Tob(and he points at Toby,a Thomas train, which is on the tv right now)
6) Go play(and he runs out of the room)

Sweet Pea: 5 yrs old
1) I don't know
2) I don't know
3) I don't know,
4) I don't know
5)I don't know
6) I don't know.

Princess 11 yrs old
1)a green four leaf clover
2)a imaginary creature use to celebrate st Patrick's day
3) I don't know and I don't care either(not really wanting to play today)
4) I don't know some dead Irish guy
6) I don't celebrate it, but might buy a shamrock shake from McDonald's but that is it.


Fantastagirl said...

I'm thinking the Princess didn't want to play either - Little Man is getting to be a fun age - and to associate green with grass I think is pretty awesome!

The birthday party looks like they had a great time!

Kelly said...

"I don't know" - well, OK! LOL

Lovely answers - Mr. Man sounded a little like Jack a few weeks ago "Don't write that down!" LOL

Thanks for playing!