Saturday, March 17, 2007

In 3 words.

I saw this over at My Life As Annie and decided to play along
Answer each question in 3 words--no more; no less.

Where is your cell phone? don't have one
Boyfriend/girlfriend? My Dear Husband
Hair? blond, long wavy
Your mother? just went home
Your father? He left too
Your favorite item(s)? Bible, computer, ring
Your dream last night? Did I dream
Your favorite drink? Sunkist orange soda.
Your dream guy/girl? Tall, dark handsome
The room you are in? foyer/computer room
Your fear? I don't know
What do you want to be in 10 years? 44, healthy, thinner
Who did you hang out with last night? Kids and DH
What are you not? Tall, rich, famous
Are you in love? Yes, I am
One of your wish list items? Living room carpet
What time is it? It is 8:04
The last thing you did? cleaned up dinner
What are you wearing?Pajamma bottom,shirt
Your favorite book? The Holy Bible
The last thing you ate? meatloaf, potato, corn
Your life? It's completely wonderful
Your mood? fun and bubbly
Your friends? some nice people
What are you thinking about right now? what to write
Your car? Dodge grand caravan
What are you doing at this moment? doing this meme
Your summer? should be fun
Your relationship status? I'm still married
What is on your tv screen? Cleavland Cavilers basketball.
When is the last time you laughed? earlier this evening.
Last time you cried? I don't know
School? done with school.


Fantastagirl said...

I may "borrow" this for a post next week - looks like it could be fun!

We drive the same make of van....

annie said...

Good job! I checked and they were all three words long :)

dcrmom said...

Fun meme. I might snatch this one.